The Downfall of Emma Chamberlain

“I haven’t showered in a week and do I care? Nope.” Do you recognize this quote? Perhaps you heard this person saying this phrase. Or maybe your brain automatically switched to coffee. This is a quote from Emma Chamberlain’s video entitled I Got A Puppy, and right away people knew Emma was back from being the “rich” member of the “Sister Squad” (pictured right) and had made a satisfying—albeit brief—return to the careless, dirty, car-vlogging 17-year-old who we have all grown to love.

The Sister Squad pictured above includes James Charles, Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan, and Emma. Source: Quiz Creator

Let’s back up a bit. So maybe you’re not a follower of Emma, or perhaps (like my totally unhip journalism teacher and my dear grandmother) you are a generation removed from the notion that a normal human being can now become famous by simply sitting in a car seat and pointing a phone at herself. Well, update yourselves while you still have a chance at relevance: Emma Chamberlain is one of the internet’s biggest vlogger (video blog) darlings and her engagement power is undeniable.

There are many Youtube videos explaining how to be like Emma or even edit videos like her. Source:

Still, if you’re just hearing Emma’s name for the first time, you may too late to the party. In fact, the party may be ending. Emma Chamberlain has gone through a lot: moving to Los Angeles from San Francisco and into her own apartment, her social media engagement skyrocketed (with 25% of her followers liking each and every post on Instagram, while Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez average only 9% and 5% respectively (Forbes). She stopped the car vlogging, and while some may lament the loss, Emma Chamberlain is still looked up to for her trend-setting editing techniques, fashion iconography, and influence as a top Youtuber.

“I haven’t showered in a week and do I care? Nope.”

– Emma Chamberlain

In an interview with Forbes, Chamberlain stated “My family wasn’t shocked by my success, but I was. When I was younger I had a gut feeling that I was going to use my personality in some way, but I didn’t know how. That was the one thing that I was known for.” Emma’s parents divorced at a young age and, while both worked hard to provide a good life for Emma, money wasn’t always easy to come by. Now worth over 3 million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth, Emma is a little sister shook (that means she’s equal parts happy and confused, grandma). But fame has not come without some personal costs; anyone who follows the life of this internet sensation will have noticed a slow spiral downward.

Emma has had some “scandals.” including: dating or not dating Ethan Dolan, creating a mini-boutique on “Dote” (and blurring the products so that consumers can’t see it), and breaking her very public friendships with Hannah Meloche and The Sister Squad.

Perhaps that’s the issue: our forgetting that these on-screen characters are real-life people with flaws just like us, and that their less admirable trials and tribulations are not easily removed from the script. When asked about Emma’s surge, SAS Senior Morgan Pazos said “I started watching Emma when she first started out, and to now see her as this multi-million dollar ‘icon’ makes me feel good. But I also wonder at what cost has this new change affected Emma. To see her no longer doing the car vlogs and now only posting videos once a month is a bit disappointing.”

Emma in the midst of a “car-vlog”—the style that made her famous—in early 2017. Source: SuperbHub

Emma’s calling card, after all, was her unique car-vlogging style. She would drive around and wax not-so-poetically about her daily activities. In her short career, Emma has published over 50 car vlogs and has accumulated most of her ride-or-die fans from the car vlogs. Her 3-million-dollar net worth is a result of these genuine, funny, and relatable car vlogs including “Trying Only Vegan Fast Food” and other “clickbait” titles that were enjoyable and overall interesting to watch.

“I started watching Emma when she first started out, and to now see her as this multi-million dollar ‘icon’ makes me feel good but I also wonder at what cost has this new change affected Emma.”

– SAS Senior Morgan Pazos

Looking now to present day 2019 at her Youtube channel, even though she has grown in many subscribers and fans she only posts around one video every 2 or 3 weeks. Although this may not seem like a drastic change, she religiously posted a video 3 times a week while also still attending school. Not only has she only posting videos periodically, but she has also become a bit of a controversial figure throughout the Youtube and social media world resulting from her “scandals” such as: dating or not dating Ethan Dolan, creating a mini-boutique on “Dote” and blurring the products so that consumers can’t see it, breaking her friendships with Hannah Meloche and the “Sister Squad”, and finally, (in my opinion) getting spray tans that make her look like a different race.

Emma Chamberlain in sporting her spray tan (and other day-to-day musings). Source:

But could this really be the downfall of the lovable Youtuber all high schoolers follow and emulate? Could she really be turning into the stereotypical “L.A. girl” that she vowed not to become? Sorting through the evidence, this fanboy argues that the answer is both yes and no. Yes, because we are only rarely treated to an updated post on her feed, AND because she seems to have lost her true “girdies” to her newly-adopted L.A. lifestyle. No, because she still provides us with the occasional heart-felt video (like her recent “I Got A Puppy” post) that resuscitate the nostalgic memories of an early-2017 Emma. What do you think? Is Emma’s predicted downfall finally coming to pass? Or is she the same vegan 17 year-old that we all know and love, just a little less public?

That’s for the gossip columns to decide. But when they finally come around, remember: you read it here first! Until next time,

XOXO Gossip Gay ❤

Author: Will Staley

Will Staley is currently a senior and this is his second year working for the Eye. This is also his second year living in Singapore, having moved from St. Louis, Missouri USA. Will enjoys photography and has a photography website ( He hopes to pursue photography and journalism for his college and career, while being involved in his passion of politics and humanitarian work. He can be contacted at

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