Your go-to place for everything OMG!   The Eye is pleased to host the complete second season of the hit web series that first emerged from The Film Acting Ensemble course in 2016 and has now expanded into a passionate depiction of all things politically incorrect and awkward in the lives of its protagonists:  The Queen (Shelby Spinks), The Low-Key Hoe (Kaitlyn Greening), The Vegan (Sasha Quinlan), and The Dumb One (Nerina Vasileiadis).   OMG! is unapologetically created by its cast and produced for The Eye by staff member Sasha Quinlan.


OMG! Season 2 / Episode 1:  Hallowelcome Back!


OMG! Season 2 / Episode 2:  Presents and Pettiness: A Christmas Special


OMG! Season 2 / Episode 3:  ily! A Valentines Special