Prom Dress Stress

Prom. It’s the day that girls prepare for months in advance to find the perfect dress, a prom date, and at least try to have a glow up; it’s one of the most highly anticipated events of Junior year.

Even months before prom, girls have browsed numerous websites for their dresses, and some have even done a practice prom makeup session. I, myself, bought two dresses for prom last year, and I kept going back to online stores to check if maybe, another perfect dress for me awaited. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, prom was cancelled. This upset many juniors, of course, but it did solve my insecurity about “what to wear.” (We had one more year to plan out our prom look!)

Scrolling through the SAS Prom Dress 2021 Facebook group anyway, I realized that many girls are buying almost identical dresses in different colours from the same brands like Lulus and Windsor: the plain old V-neck cut dress with the leg slits. Everything was basically the same. I knew what we junior girls needed for next year: tips and tricks from prom survivors, or our fellow juniors who actually knew what they are doing for this year’s prom.

What Kind and Color of Dress?

If choosing colours becomes a conflict, try to stick with dark or solid colours at first like navy, black, or wine red. And for styles I would personally try to think: would this look classy?

Judy Gao, Senior

The first problem girls encounter is what colour dress they should wear. According to Judy Gao, you can’t really go wrong with solid dark colours because it looks good on all skin tones. Some girls may try to go for bold or fun colours like silver, nude, or pink, but fail to consider in what ways the dress will compliment their skin tone or how it will look like photographed.

Style wise, Judy also advises that simple is key. Instead of ruffles or lace, a clean cut dress could compliment people’s figures more. Although common, a dress that is tight on the upper body but flows out from the knees could be the ideal style for most girls. Judy believes that this type of dress is flattering as it brings out girls’ natural curves while it also looks very formal. Additionally, she mentions that off- shoulder dresses should also be a widely considered type of dress, as it compliments the arm area, as well as shoulders. She went to prom last year wearing a simple black dress and statement accessories; she advises that classy and simple styles could essentially make you stand out more.

What brand?

A lot of girls tend to visit mass producing brands or only popular websites for their prom dress. This can cause them to end up getting really similar dresses. Girls should start searching for underrated but good quality brands that are affordable and have more varieties of dresses. But they have to make sure to not shop at sketchy websites.

Kayla Whang, Junior

Kayla Whang bought her first prom dress on Pretty Little Thing, expecting the light pink dress to be what she saw on the website. Unfortunately, Pretty Little Thing is a mass producing brand and also has had some scandals for bad quality; Kayla found that her dress turned out to be a completely different material and colour from what the photos depicted.

Kayla browsed popular websites like Promgirl, Lulus, and Windsor, for second and final dress. She was unsatisfied due to the fact that all the dresses she liked were either taken by another junior girl, or were bad quality. Finally turning to Meshki, a more reliable and unique brand, Kayla finally got what she needed. The price didn’t destroy her wallet, and the dress was unique. After her journey through many different websites, Kayla recommends underrated but trustworthy brands like Beginning Boutique, Hello Molly, and White Fox Boutique for the perfect dress. The price is not too expensive, the quality is better, and there are more simple yet unique styles available.

The Most Important Tip

For those who plan to attend, prom is definitely an exciting yet stressful event. It’s quite difficult to choose the perfect dress, get suitable makeup and hair. The tips from Kayla and Judy could definitely save some girls this year. Both Kayla and Judy however, both agree that the most important advise for prom is to enjoy the process and take it in as good experience. Judy emphasizes that pre-prom is the most interesting part of prom and that everyone should enjoy themselves in the process.These tips and tricks on prom styles are just extra help to feeling good and confident; in the end, having fun should be the main advise for prom.

Author: Yoony Kim

Yoony Kim is currently a junior and this is her first year working for The Eye. She was born in South Korea, but has been living in Singapore since she was 4 years old. Yoony has been rewatching Brooklyn 99 on Netflix for years now, and doesn't think she will be stopping anytime soon. Yoony's favorite thing in Singapore is bubble tea from Koi!! She can be reached at

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