Get festive with the best Christmas movies of all time

Grab a hot chocolate, some popcorn, and a warm blanket because I am about to tell you about the top ten Christmas movies you need to be watching this holiday season

While it is undeniable that Christmas movies are one of the greatest parts of the Holiday season, there are definitely some movies that outweigh others so I will be giving an honest ranking and review of these movies. I will be ranking these movies on overall Christmas theme and spirit, as well as how well they deliver the true meaning of Christmas. These movies will also be ranked based on level of nostalgia they provide.

1. Elf


Let’s kick it off with a beloved classic, Elf! Will Ferrell stars in this hilarious Christmas film. If you are looking for a comedic Christmas movie this is perfect. There is never a dull moment in this movie, from the time buddy leaves the north pole to go find his birth father to the time they restore the faith of the children for Christmas. This movie is fun for the whole family and a holiday must for this Christmas season.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


How the Grinch Stole Christmas is another absolute classic. Whether young, or old, this movie will make your heart grow two sizes. Jim Carrey delivers an amazing performance of a man who despises everything Christmas related, however, as the movie goes on, The Grinch is treated with nothing but kindness from a young who, this causes The Grinch’s heart to grow two sizes and eventually he embraces the true meaning of Christmas.

3. Home Alone


Home alone is another classic Christmas film. Whether you are watching the first movie or the fifth movie, you will be laughing uncontrollably with the creativity of this little boy who is trying to stop burglars from entering his home. This movie is fun for the whole family! It shows that family is all you need to have a good Christmas holiday.

4. Polar Express


The Polar Express is one of the most timeless Christmas movies out there. This animated movie always has a place on a top 10 Christmas movie list, filled with love, joy, and hope. When one boy hops on the train to the north pole, his whole view of friendship and Christmas change. At the beginning of this film, Chris doesn’t believe in Santa, but after his trip down north, he starts to believe.

5. It’s a Wonderful Life


This 1946 film is one that has quite literally been passed down through generations. When a young George Bailey never gets to fulfil his life long wishes, he is guided by his guardian angel to look into an alternate time as if he had never been born. He then realised that life is quite wonderful after all.

6. Christmas with the Kranks


This Anti-Christmas Christmas, movie while very entertaining, is mainly focused on the avoidance of the holiday spirit. When these two parents are alone for Christmas they decide to take a cruise for the holidays, but their neighbours don’t agree with their choices. They spend the entire break planning their cruise only to find out their daughter is coming home for a surprise visit and that she expects all the old traditions she is used to.

7. Frosty the Snowman


Frosty The Snowman is a childhood favourite. While this movie is definitely more directed to a children’s audience, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without it! This movie definitely delivers on Christmas spirit. I mean what screams Christmas more than a talking snowman?

8. Love Actually


While this movie is not the typical Christmas movie, something about holiday spirit brings it to my top ten list. This movie is filled with nine different intertwined stories about love around the holiday season. Love and Christmas go hand in hand so I thought that it would be suitable to bring this movie to everybody’s attention.

9. The Night Before


Again this movie is not a traditional childhood favorite. However, it’s a hilarious cast that captures an essence of Christmas many people haven’t seen before. These special stars  well known names: Seth Rogan, Anthony Mackie and Joseph Gordon-Levitt bring Christmas spirit to life. This story follows three best friends who seek out exciting Christmas parties together as they realise that their annual reunion might be coming to an end.

10. Four Christmas


Last but not least is another comedic Christmas movie. This one is about a couple who need to visit each of their divorced parents houses all on Christmas day after their big trip plans had been ruined. This couple has the longest day of their life and not every visit was pleasant. This movie is definitely directed to a more mature audience however, the movie is still quite amazing.

Author: Julia Fallows

Julia Fallows is currently a senior in high school, She is going into her third year at SAS. This is her first year as a reporter and she is very excited to explore the world of journalism. She was born in Russia but raised all over the world including Japan, Canada, China, and Singapore. Julia has many hobbies but one that specifically stands out is her love for watching The Office, She can be found on her couch every day at 5:00 rewatching episode after episode. She can be reached at

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