Unhealthy eating at SAS?

Start the year off healthily! You’ve heard of the freshman-15. Well, if we’re not careful, we might start packing on the pound with a simple return to the heaping helpings of food for the taking across the SAS campus.

Greasy and gross or hearty and healthy? Is the food at school unhealthy or are students making unhealthy choices? In this throwback video, graduates of the class of 2020, Tia and Cameron, interview their peers in the SAS community about eating habits on campus.

Author: Tia Remedios

Tia Remedios is a senior at Singapore American School and this is her first year working with The Eye. She was born in Melbourne and raised in Mumbai, but she considers Singapore her home. She spends her time reading, painting portraits, and listening to rap music. You can contact her at remedios45830@sas.edu.sg

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