Mood For Food: Real Food

There are very few vegetarian or organic restaurants that can be found in Singapore, but Real Food is a restaurant that is a combination of both. It is a place that serves typical food more healthily. It serves organic vegetarian cuisine, which makes it a place for anyone to come and enjoy. There is a huge variety of options to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that you would enjoy. Besides that, the food is not only tasteful, but it is also prepared from scratch, contains fewer toxins, is more nutrient-dense, and more sustainable to the environment. From the food to the drinks to the desserts, it is all a healthier option than you would typically find in other restaurants. To add to the previous statements, the decor is very simple yet aesthetic, while the area is filled with comfortable furniture such as couches. It is a great place to visit with friends to have a nice conversation over some delicious food =).

Author: Hyun Ju

Hyun Ju Lee is currently a senior and this is her second year being part of The Eye. She is a Korean that was born in Boston, but raised in Singapore since she was two years old. She can be contacted at

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