“This Isn’t About You”: NY Doctors’ Response to COVID

New York, accounting for almost half of COVID-19 cases in the United States, has been hit incredibly hard by the current pandemic. Reports of makeshift trailer morgues and doctors having to re-use personal protective equipment have given people around the world a look into just how dire the situation is for many healthcare workers.

I talked to my cousins, Shyamal Majithia and Richa Sharma—doctors working in New York hospitals during this time—about everything from how the White House’s slow response has affected doctors, to their reaction to the mass ‘freedom’ protests against stay-home orders.

Take a look here:

Author: Alysha Summerville

Editor-in-Chief and member of the Class of 2022, Alysha joined The Eye in 2019. Alysha was born in the UK, lives in Singapore, and calls Toronto home, but you can usually find her sitting in the middle chair in the Delfi Starbucks outdoor seating. That's home too. She's passionate about politics, filmmaking, Taylor Swift, Gujarati food, and Schitt's Creek (in no particular order), and you can reach her at summervill41051@sas.edu.sg.

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