Zoom, Or The Classroom?

As we enter the final week of of the 2019-2020 school year, we will finally have the much anticipated (but shortly-lived) opportunity to physically walk onto campus and see, with out own eye, the SAS colleagues who have been locked away in their homes for nearly two months. This semester, SAS entered a field of unprecedented learning standards, as students bunkered down in their homes and connected with their teachers—many also confined to empty room. As students both complained and embraced this new online learning, Mr. Ly and the SAS administration kept the faith, continuing to scramble and find ways to maintain the quality of learning for students, meeting all requirements for learning benchmarks, assignments, and even summative assessments.

For students in particular, the new online learning has certainly brought upon a wide variety of benefits and disadvantages. For one, the new schedule allows for extra sleep, alongside the freedom to dress comfortably, grab a snack in the middle of class, and have the choice to sit on a bed during a class. However, students also find themselves slacking off much more, disregarding homework and post-lesson assignments, and using free time to mourn the normalcy of the time preceding Zoom classrooms. As more and more of us take on the challenge of self quarantining ourselves, we have to come to a shocking revelation that we actually miss school.

I asked students from ranging grade levels what they felt were the advantages and disadvantages of the new learning style. It raises as many questions as answers as we continue to ride out this pandemic, with waves around the world that suggest that distance learning—even at the university level—may not yet be over, especially in the foreseeable future.

Author: Ariana Rossuck

Ariana Rossuck is a junior at Singapore American School, and this is her first year on the Eye. She’s Filipino-American, but is proud to have grown up in Singapore, and loves to travel. She loves volleyball, English, and hopes to pursue law in the future. She can be contacted at rossuck34822@sas.edu.sg

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