Why do people love those small yellow blocks?

Puzzles, family games, and more multiple-player video gaming than should ever be possible in a month —this lockdown has certainly had us in a playful mood when the schoolwork is done, dinner is consumed, and there’s no hope of heading outside into the world. What better time to take out the toys of your youth (and adulthood?) and rekindle that childish fascination?

Lego, known as the famous toy brand that produces tons of small blocks, is one of the kid’s favorite toys. While Lego has been putting their main focus on attracting young age customers by promoting series such as Ninjago and Disney, they also have themes such as the architectures that are open to adult customers.

Picture: LEGO WORLD/One of the LEGO series
Source: bramanswanderings.com//Lego Designs at Gardens by the Bay

In a world full of technologies and screens, Lego competed against all of the games that are supported by laptops or phones. Those colorful bricks have never been outdated for years and years. Not only are kids playing with Legos, there are tons of Lego artists around the world, building up decorations to be displayed. At Gardens by the Bay, there are seasonal “plants” built by Lego. So, why are they so attractive to almost all age group?

#1 People are Free to Create

Picture: Amazon.com//LEGO Classic

One of the most welcomed themes in all Lego shop should be the classic theme. While other themes of Legos might provide you an instruction book to build a certain object, the classic theme provides you a board range of lego blocks that allows players to create whatever objects they have in their mind. This theme not only includes the different color of blocks, but also some minifigures of lego and other decorations. With a certain number of blocks, people can create rabbits, planes, houses and many more objects that only you can think about. Lego classics span through almost all age groups, thus, it could also become a family toy at this point where children can play along with their families.

Lego is a lot more than a toy – it’s a creative expression. We see a lot of adults hugely engaged with it. With Lego you can make the most amazing things — things you’d never imagine.

Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, 46, at the opening of Lego’s new London office off Chancery Lane.

#2 A Reason to Concentrate

We all live in this busy world where people can get distracted by a single message that pops up on one’s screen or even the piano playing sound from your neighbors. Having a long period of time of concentration has become a hard task nowadays, but Legos could help you with that. Considering the themes for adult players, such as architecture, there are usually composed of hundreds and thousands of blocks. Following the instruction book and building the object a bit by a bit, players will be attracted into this experience of building legos while ignoring all of the distractions from the world. It is usual to see a person spending a whole day, starting from morning, to finish a huge project from the architecture.

#3 They Provide you a Sense of Accomplishment

As mentioned, most of the themes have it’s designed final product, so, when people are choosing the product, they can pick on what they like to build. From about a hundred pieces to the highest level of a few thousands of pieces, players are able to choose a project that fits their own ability of building. Often times, there will be difficulties encountered through the building experience. However, people could usually follow the instruction book and resolve the problem and generate that final product at the end. No matter how long a person has spent on that product, when they look back after finishing those legos make them feel proud and a sense of accomplishment, especially with those products with large numbers of blocks. Those final products can turn into a decoration in one’s house or a showpiece.

Source: Linefies Inspiration//Huge Lego Builds Fisherman Spent 3 Years Building Massive 24 Foot Long Lego Uss Missouri

Because of several reasons mentioned above, Lego has been welcomed in almost every part of the world and have now extended their branches overseas. Lego shops are all around the world and customers can grab one of their favorite in a short minute. While some people are obsessed with building Lego blocks, other people might never find it interesting. What is your opinion on Lego?

Author: Lily Pan

Lily (Jiaqi) Pan is currently a senior and this is her second year working for The Eye. She loves creative writing and enjoys voicing out her opinions on public issues. For Lily, The Eye is a valuable platform to engage with SAS campus activities and build on school culture. She is excited to continue her editorial journey at The Eye and produce quality work for the campus community. For news tips and questions, you can contact Lily at pan48091@sas.edu.sg.

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