Self Care Practices for a Locked-down Generation

High school can be stressful and can at times deteriorate both our mental and psychical health. Throughout our whole high school experience we should be practicing self care acts, but we should especially take time to take care of ourselves during the more stressful times like these.

Mental health and psychical health are closely linked together! If you do not take care of your mental state your health can quickly deteriorate, and it goes both way, if you do not take care of yourself psychically your mental well being will quickly decline. If you are in excessively stressful situations you can develop serious health problems such as stomach ulcers and high blood pressure! Not to mention our mental health affects the decisions we make, the way we feel and how we handle stress. If your mental health is not up to par you may often find yourself making self destructive choices.

These are scary facts high schoolers should not be facing, yet sadly many do. Many may feel lost when they experience a decline in their mental health, when in fact there are easy practices you can incorporate into your everyday life to improve your mental health, such as those mentioned below.


Drink lots of water throughout the day! Being dehydrated affects our brains ability to function properly and its structure. We need to make sure we are drinking enough water, and no coffee can not replace water.

See the Sun:

Going out and soaking up sunlight is something that is not practiced as much as it needs to be. We all need our daily dose of vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin!

Why Does Spending Time in the Sun Make You Want to Sleep? | SELF

Have a Spa Day:

Take a day where you take care of your body! Do a face mask or a hair mask. Take a bath and wash away all the stress from the week! Using lavender bath salts can help promote healthy sleep schedules and reduce stress!


There are so many different types of journaling to get down your thoughts or to organize your day! There is the classic diary type journal where you write down your thoughts and feelings, or just what has happened throughout the days. You could also bullet journal. Bullet journaling is a form of journaling where you can plan your day while creating the structure of your journal. Senior Nicole Han shares that journaling is how she has kept sane through the madness covid-19 has brought upon us. “Journaling allows me to collect my thoughts and helps me think through my days” says Han.

Bullet Journal - Wikipedia

Catch some Zzz:

Sleeping is one of the most important things you can do for your body! Did you know that the average teenager needs at least 10 hours of sleep a night. Sleeping often falls second to school work, especially at schools as academically demanding such as SAS. You must set aside time to take care of your body and SLEEP!

To sleep better your room should be as dark and as quite as possible! You should not look at a screen an hour before you go to sleep, this means put your phone down and stop writing that essay! Fall into a night time routine, this prepares your body to release melatonin at the same time every night!


This is something I personally struggle with, but the fact is exercising releases endorphins! Endorphins are the feel-good chemical that your body releases in your brain. You do not need to do a hard core workout for your body to release endorphins, a brisk walk will do! I may be hard to be motivated to work out, but once you do you will reap the benefits.

Taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, is the most important thing you can do for yourself, yet it is so often neglected. These easy step are a guaranteed way to keep your mental health in a good shape. Little actions go a long way, and both your mind and body will thank you.

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