Dear Seniors

Dear Seniors,

Yes, these past few months have been hell. We missed our last interim, we missed our prom, most of use didn’t go to Bali, and we are going to have a virtual commencement. Our senior year has not been ideal but complaining about it isn’t going to change anything. Let’s take a look at some of our happiest moments as seniors. Let’s choose to remember this year for all the good.

Picture this, it’s August 13th 2019. You get off your morning bus and a familiar scent washes over you. You walk up the main staircase into the foyer and then proceed to walk towards “your spot”. Then you and your friends go to retrieve your senior hoodies—the epitome of superior. You walk down the corridors and you feel like a whole new person. This is the first day of the best year of your life. You walk into your first class of the school year and you sit in those stiff chairs trying not to show your excitement, then you take out your brand new notebooks and pens and you realize you have officially begun your senior year. Weeks go by and at this point you have established a routine. You have a table in the cafeteria, library, foyer, etc. and you feel settled in. Now for the next big event, Interim selection.

Finally, you get the trip you’ve always wanted. You plan to go to a beautiful country with all of your friends and for the first time in forever, your slot is practically guaranteed. As you wait in line to declare your trip, your body fills with joy because this is going to be a trip you are going to remember for the rest of your life. You finally have something to look forward to besides school breaks. And to add to that sense of adventure, October break is just around the corner.

The weeks before October break become officially known as summative weeks. This is the first wave of grade-impacting assessments that will strike you this year. Yes, this is only the first quarter but the SAT is coming up as are your many university application deadlines. The stress is insurmountable but that Friday before break is quickly approaching. Just a few more tests before one week of freedom. 3:00 on October 11th is finally here and as you get on your afternoon bus, your stress disappears. Coming from a Second Semester Senior that is the best feeling in the world. I’m telling you, nothing will feel better than knowing you have done all of your work and you are finally free. October break is so precious because it is the only break you are going to get for the next two months. This is the time where families vacation down in Thailand or the Maldives. We tend to them that for granted, the little vacations we go on. Some of our best memories of being an expat will be those vacations, you won’t find these small paradises in university. Remember the sound of the wind, the feeling of the cold water racing up your feet as you stand right where the water meets the sand. Remember the sunsets and dinners. Remember the fights and the laughs. These little things are what make our memories unforgettable. Before you know it, time flies by and suddenly it’s December.

The pressure builds but at least those incredible senior appreciation snacks have become more and more frequent.

Exams are approaching and you find yourself getting more and more stressed. Although you have submitted your applications, these next test scores could determine whether or not you get into your dream school. The pressure builds but at least those incredible senior appreciation snacks have become more and more frequent; yes, our superiority is still the envy of all those classes not lucky enough to be living through their senior year. I can’t emphasize this enough: it feels so much different when the snacks are meant for you.

Yes, I am referring to the infamous “SSS” the excuse nearly every one of us use at least once in those long five months.

As you cram for all of your exams this week, you seem to forget that you have already finished half of your year. When the exams are underway, you feel accomplished. All of your studying has payed off. Joy fills your body as you realize you have a long three weeks ahead of pure relaxation, unless of course you are like me and go to visit family during the holidays. This break is long overdue and much deserved, the only problem is it seems to continue throughout second semester. Yes, I am referring to the infamous “SSS” the excuse nearly every one of us use at least once in those long five months. As the weeks pass us we get closer and closer to our next exciting event. IASAS.

IASAS happens every season and this year, during second season, SAS hosted Rugby and girls tennis. Rugby is one of our most popular sports. Everyone cheers on our eagles as they play their hearts away. The scent of the PTA barbecue fills the entire field, as does the line. There is something so rewarding about getting to the front of that line and ordering your food. The best part about IASAS hands down is getting to watch your fellow classmates as they do the thing they love, oh, and skipping class. Little did we know this would be our last IASAS as seniors. Even for those who are simply just supporters for our incredible athletes, IASAS was always a blast. The school spirit could be deafening at times but it was all worth it when SAS brought home some medals.

You see, even though our year was cut short, it was full of amazing memories and unforgettable experiences. It would have been nice to have relished our senior interim trip, or our escape to Bali. It would have been nice to have gone to prom, or to have a normal graduation. This year was chaotic and unprecedented, nothing could prepare us for the journey we have just gone on. In 20 years, when we look back at our yearbooks and reminisce on our high school career, we will surely remember our senior year. Let’s not let COVID-19 tarnish the memories of the best year of our lives.

Author: Julia Fallows

Julia Fallows is currently a senior in high school, She is going into her third year at SAS. This is her first year as a reporter and she is very excited to explore the world of journalism. She was born in Russia but raised all over the world including Japan, Canada, China, and Singapore. Julia has many hobbies but one that specifically stands out is her love for watching The Office, She can be found on her couch every day at 5:00 rewatching episode after episode. She can be reached at

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