We spoke too soon, but our words are golden

Oh, the difference a month makes. Days prior to the discovery that their final moments in High School would be irreparably changed, members of the class of 2020 reflected on their outlook to finishing the year, graduating in the traditional sense, and moving on. Underclassmen take note: this group has been through it all. The wisdom shared here is still very much applicable to their lives today, after next week, and beyond.

At times naive, often refreshingly confident, and always poignantly honest, the pre-lockdown interviews below offer a throwback that offers thoughts from our seniors, made even more relevant today as they step into what may be the last class sessions of their high school career.

Author: Jai Gupta

Jai Gupta is currently a senior. This is his eleventh year at SAS, and his second year reporting for The Eye. Before he heads off to Singapore National Service, he hopes he can relish his time by spending it with his friends and his dog. His main interests include politics and sports. Contact Jai at gupta34551@sas.edu.sg

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