An Interview With Justin Teves

OK, so we really thought we’d be back on campus to wrap this up and not feel like we’re broadcasting from a foreign land, but at this point we need to make sure that our favorite “new guy” is still technically NEW for this piece to serve it’s purpose: introducing you to a first-year employee of SAS who makes tons of things happen—from international athletic competitions to virtual graduations—both on and off the SAS campus.

For the athletes, he’s referred as “Teves.” For the rest of the school, he’s “The New Guy.” Justin Teves is the SAS High School Athletics and Activities director and in his short (and unexpectedly re-shortened) year on campus, he has made himself a sought-after figure, known for his bubbly and kind personality and desire to create the best experience for those of us making sports a part of our SAS lifestyle.

In this video, The Eye had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Teves to ask him some questions about how he came to SAS, what he hates and loves about his job, and most importantly, how he feels about being an eagle in our large community.

Author: Ariana Rossuck

Ariana Rossuck is a junior at Singapore American School, and this is her first year on the Eye. She’s Filipino-American, but is proud to have grown up in Singapore, and loves to travel. She loves volleyball, English, and hopes to pursue law in the future. She can be contacted at

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