10 activities you didn’t know existed before the circuit breaker

Life stuck indoors has been tough, but it’s given us a lot of time to reminisce on the past and all the fun times we’ve had with our friends on the weekends. It’s left me remembering some of the more alternative hangout spots and activities that not everybody was familiar with. So, here are 10 great activities you may not have realized you were missing out on, to look forward to trying when the circuit breaker is finally over. 

“Spending the day there was such a fun and relaxing experience” – Gracie McCullough (SAS student)

1) Go to an Indie Cinema: The Projector

(Photo by the Projector)

Looking to build your reputation as a well-cultured film lover? Look no further, because The Projector is the place to go for new up-and-coming movies, eye-opening documentaries, reruns of classic older works, and some mainstream movies too. Started by three entrepreneurial women, the venue is a restored vintage theatre and has a bar/ cafe space, which serves food, drinks, and overpriced popcorn.

“I’ve never been to a movie theatre like this before. It’s a really unique venue and it has a great selection of movies. I would definitely go back.” – Lily Wilson (SAS alumni)

2) Rock climb in a mall: Climb Central

(Photo by @parcsovereign)

With indoor climbing walls in a few different locations in Singapore, Climb Central has great facilities where you can boulder and rope climb. Not everyone is a pro at this sport, which makes it rather group-friendly as break times give you the chance to make great conversations. What’s more, after your climbing session you can reward yourself with an easy snack as all of Climb Central’s facilities are inside great malls.

3) Discover the domes at Gardens by the Bay

(Photo from Greenroofs.com)

Discover a mystical world veiled in mist as you admire delicate flowers and vegetation and are welcomed by a breath-taking waterfall. Or, enter the largest glass greenhouse in the world and admire a diverse array of beautiful flowers from all around the globe. At Gardens by the Bay, the Cloud Forest dome and Flower dome will surely leave you in awe and give you a deeper appreciation for nature.

4) Destress with a furry friend: Neko Ni Niwa cat cafe

(Photo from Neko Ni Niwa)

As you’ve likely heard by now, petting animals has been shown to lower stress hormones and improve our moods. But not everyone has an animal companion at home, which is why going to a cat cafe is the perfect weekend activity. Head to Neko Ni Niwa in Clarke Quay to make some new furry friends in a comfortable Japanese-influenced setting, as you look out at a view of Marina Bay. 

“Spending the day there was such a fun and relaxing experience” – Gracie McCullough (SAS student)

5) Fill your closet with up-cycled fits: VintageWknd

(Photo by @meowthecatlady)

VintageWknd is by far one of the most affordable and trendy vintage stores in Singapore. Featuring one-of-a-kind meticulously curated finds and specializing in stylish up-cycled fits, they will definitely set your closet apart from everyone else’s. They sometimes set up pop-up stores in more mainstream mall locations, so follow them on facebook and instagram to know what’s up and to see what’s in store. 

6) Discover new innovations: Red Dot Design Museum

(Photo by the Red Dot Design Museum)

As the distributors of one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, the Red Dot Design Museum showcases mind-blowing innovative concepts in a building that looks like something out of a sci-fi film. Situated in Marina Bay, you can stroll along the Bayfront after your visit.

7) Stroll around Kampong Glam

(Photo by @bylaurasoe)

Take a stroll around one of Singapore’s trendiest areas as you browse through hip boutiques and admire the striking street art on Haji lane. Grab lunch at Tipo pasta bar, a restaurant specializing in hand-crafted authentic pasta where you can even customize your own dish, all for an affordable price. Afterwards, stop for dessert at aROMA Gelato, who provide refreshing and unique handmade flavours (chilli chocolate anyone?) and even serve some non-dairy options.

8) Have a picnic at Marina Barrage

(Photo by @uni_uni0222)

With one of the best views of the city’s skyline, Marina Barrage is the ideal location for a chill late afternoon hangout with friends. Do it potluck-style and have everybody bring a snack to enjoy as you all sit on a blanket and play your favourite tunes. After the sun sets, you can walk over to Gardens by the Bay and catch the supertrees light show at 7:45pm.

“My friends and I love to go there for picnics and it’s a great way to have fun while on a budget.”- Sanya Lokur (SAS senior)

9) Have a VR game tournament: Hologate

(Photo from Fast Lane Entertainment)

VR is the new laser tag… but even better. This is the perfect activity for a group of 3-4 people, as you duel against each other in a high-tech ‘capture the flag’ game or band together to defeat hordes of zombies. Placed at the top of Funan mall, Singapore’s newest high-tech shopping centre, Hologate has 10 different VR games with difficulties ranging from beginner to advanced. When your session is over, you can head down to level 2 and grab some authentic Taiwanese bubble tea from Milksha. 

10) Walk on the Henderson waves bridge

(Photo from Wikitravel)

Take a day trip and get out into nature on Singapore’s Southern Ridges trail. Hovering 118 feet above the motorway, the Henderson Waves bridge connects Telok Blangah Hill Park to Mount Faber Park. From that height, the view of the surrounding jungle and the city buildings in the distance is stunning. The whole Southern Ridges trail walk should take between 2.5 to 4 hours in total, so pack a snack and a water bottle and aim to get there after 2 or 3pm to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Although staying inside has been hard, it won’t last forever. Hopefully we’ll be able to go back out again soon and partake in our favourite activities. And now that you know of these 10 new activities, you can add them to your bucket list of things to do once life gets back to normal.

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