Were You A VSCO Girl?

“Hydroflasks, lots of scrunchies, and shell necklaces – that’s mainly what you need to be a VSCO girl.”

hayden lily halscheid

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the term “VSCO girl.” With over 1 million posts on Instagram with the hashtag #VSCOgirl, this trend took the world by storm. Despite this worldwide buzz, we have to wonder if social distancing and isolation have reduced the need to be trendy. Or if, in this world where our online profile is our primary contact with peers, if representation on instagram and other social media outlets are portraying even more of the VSCO girl persona. For those of you who enjoy being basic and following these media trends, I’ve figured it out for you through the help of a true VSCO girl, Hayden Lily Halscheid!

“Hydroflasks, lots of scrunchies, and shell necklaces – that’s mainly what you need to be a VSCO girl.”

Hydroflasks seen on the top floor of the cafeteria

“You have to have stickers on your Hydroflask. If you don’t have stickers, you’re not a VSCO girl. You have to have stickers!”
Most VSCO girls often obnoxiously carry around their colorful Hydroflasks covered in a million stickers of brands or schools. As a little bonus, most VSCO girls will whip out their own metal straws as well. Although a little pricy, you can surprisingly get yourself a Hydroflask in Singapore, so you better be saving up!

Scrunchies, the ever so popular 80’s trend, are an essential to VSCO girls. They’re usually either carried around as an accessory to match with their outfits or to tie an aesthetically messy bun (whatever that means) at the very top of their head. You can find scrunchies at any clothing store, so go get yourself one ASAP!

Hayden Lily Halscheid posing with her VSCO girl essentials.

Seashell Jewelry
“Shell necklaces are a must! I have my own, let me go get it and show you.”
Another 80’s throwback! Whether it’s a necklace, choker, bracelet, or anklet, any type of seashells are crucial to a VSCO girl’s look. Again, at this point, shell accessories are sold at every clothing or jewelry store, so grab one the next time you’re out!

Now you know the three main things you need to be a VSCO girl! But just because you dress like a VSCO girl doesn’t mean you are one. You need to learn how to speak like one, too.

When Hayden was asked whether or not she thinks she’s a VSCO girl, she said, “Oh my god, obviously! And I oop– sksksksk!” Most of you probably know that these two phases are clear indicators of a VSCO girl, but let me break it down for those of you who are confused.

“and I oop–”
“Say you drop your hydroflask, you have to say “and i oop- “”
It’s really a meaningless saying, but so is every other trending slang we use, right? This is basically just the VSCO girl equivalent of saying, “OMG” or any other reaction a normal person would have to anything.

An SAS freshman VSCO girl

“When something funny happens, you just “sksksk!””
Again, this really doesn’t mean much! It’s literally the same as laughing, but VSCO girls never laugh, they only sksksk.

There you have it! Now you know how to either be a VSCO girl, or at least how to identify one. The trend may have become a lifestyle for people around the world, and even for SAS students as well! “All the freshmen are basically VSCO girls, sksksk!” says Hayden. The real question will be if this (or some other style tendencies will surface on the other side of Covid Quarantine. In the meantime, you might still spot a sea of hydroflasks and constantly hear “sksksk” in those zoom breakout rooms.

Author: Sunny Ham

Sunny Ham is currently a senior attending her third year at SAS. This is her first year as a reporter for The Eye and she is very excited to be part of the team this year. She was born in Korea but was raised in the U.S., Malaysia, and finally Singapore. Sunny can usually be found binge-watching every possible show on Netflix, attempting to take aesthetic notes as she studies for her classes, or taking a supposedly 20-minute nap. She can be contacted at ham771990@sas.edu.sg.

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