Reminiscing about lunch with friends? Think again.

[A combined commentary by Sasha Guzman and Zi Lim]

So we’ve extended the famed circuit breaker. For seniors, this means that hopes of reuniting with classmates have all but vanished. While tragic, perhaps we haven’t taken the time to consider how, even reunited, our social lives at school would never be the same. They couldn’t be. And even had we returned to face-to-face school days, the need to socially distance would essentially eliminate the joys of the very contact we are so missing at this point.

So in case you’re still longing for the old days, remember: even the weeks preceding the circuit breaker introduced substantial changes, such as limited seating around campus. The following two videos, produced independently by Zi lim and Sasha Guzman offer a little throwback to our final memories before we were banned from campus. It’s worth evaluating whether new guidelines such as these (or even more strict) would encourage or nullify our desire to be back on campus, after all.

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