Little Women. Again.

Little Women is an iconic story about four sisters that is empowering, emotional and moving. The story was original published in 1868, the book was written by Louisa May Alcott who crafted the story over several months upon request of the publisher. The book has become well known and loved amongst young women throughout the years.

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Little Women book cover.

The story had such success it became a movie in 1933 and have been many adaptations since. One of the most popular is the 1994 movie adaptation staring Winona Ryder, Kristen Dunst, Claire Danes and Christian Bale. Though this version is a classic, the newest version of the film has just been released, and is giving the 1994 adaptation a run for its money! Here are some reasons why you should see the newest adaptation!

The story shows four different girl living life side by side, experiencing completely different things.

The 2019 version of Little Women has beautiful cinematography, an excellent cast, and arguably the most lovable Amy there has ever been. Emma Watson plays Meg March, the eldest sister who has always longed for a family and love; Saoirse Ronan brings to life the fierce feminist Jo March; Florence Pugh (Amy March) gives us a look into the life of an aspiring artist, who is affected deeply by vanity; and Eliza Scanlen portrays the quiet musician Beth March. The story shows four different girl living life side by side, experiencing completely different things. You will be able to relate to at least one of the sisters if not more, wether it be longing to be loved and rich, or wanting to make something of yourself.

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Right to left: Emma Watson as Meg, Florence Pugh as Amy, Saoirse Ronan as Jo and Eliza Scanlen as Beth.

The costumes in the movie are unbelievable beautiful and quite detailed. Each girls personality is reflected in the clothes they wear, while the costumes stick to a carefully selected period-era style. The clothes represent the middle-class the girls are stuck in, and sometimes the higher social status the yearn for. Each girl had a color pallet reflected in the film. You can see the time and dedication that was put into the clothes. Not to mention Timothée Chalamet, who plays Laurie, had a heavy influence on what his character wore. In fact he often would change the costume to fit what he saw as the right style better!

Though the message the movie sent was the thing that stood out the most, as it should. Being a teenaged girl about to go through one of the biggest changes of my life, living on my own for the first time and trying to find myself, this movie hit hard. I found each girl empowering in her own way, Meg taught me about domestic struggles, Jo is all about following your dreams, Amy shows how love prevails and Beth pierced me with a heart shattering lesson about family. “The story was moving, I related to Jo and her motivation to succeed.” said senior Tamsin Degges.

I believe every young women should see this version of the timeless tail that is Little Women. The powerful moving story will truly change your view of the world. We are all growing up, and we are all going through struggles depicted in the film. In a time when cinemas are shut and we’re looking to live and dream vicariously through characters on our TV screens, this newest take on the literary classic is one not to miss.

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