Bored at Home? Listen to These

You’ve probably seen the “Bill Clinton Swag” instagram story trend, which features a picture of Clinton and four album covers. The point of it, is to share your favorite four albums and nominate a few friends to do the same.

If you skipped through everyone’s instagram story and now find yourself regretting not taking note of music recommendations, the following are albums with no bad songs (according to the opinions of SAS Seniors):

Even though I cry about One Direction daily, the fact that Harry Styles’ solo music is insanely good makes me a bit less sad

– Julia Fallows
Saturation, Saturation II, Saturation III
Recommended by Tia Remedios

Brockhampton, previously known as Alivesinceforever, an alternative hip hop boy band founded in 2010. Although some members left and new ones joined, the original group were all highschool friends. While they were still known as Alivesinceforever they released an EP, since their rebranding to Brockhampton, they’ve released 5 studio albums.

The Saturation Trilogy is a collection of three of their studio albums all released in the same year. Tia often expresses frustration over Brockhampton being known for their song “Sugar” which was made famous through a viral Tik Tok dance.

“I hate it when people say they love Brockhampton, but only know Sugar. The group has so many other songs that are just as good, if not better” – Tia Remedios

If you don’t want to feel personally victimized by Tia Remedios, I would recommend looking into all the other wonderful songs Brockhampton has to offer!

Tia’s Top 3 Songs from The Saturation Trilogy:

  1. GOLD
  2. SWEET
  3. WASTE
Fine Line
Recommended by Julia Fallows

Julia is one to send crying videos to her friends via Snapchat, you may be wondering what’s causing her this pain, the answer is simple. One direction. Despite the separation of the iconic boy band, she still remains loyal to the members individually and continues to show her support by listening to their solo music.

“Even though I cry about One Direction daily, the fact that Harry Styles’ solo music is insanely good makes me a bit less sad” – Julia Fallows

Fine Line is Harry’s second solo studio album. Clearly Julia wasn’t the only one enjoyed this album since it reached #1 on the Billboard 200, #3 on the UK’s Album Charts, and broke the record of a British male artist’s biggest debut. Many fans see Fine Line as much more authentic and expressive compared to his previous self titled album. Since this album captures a large variety of emotions and the songs range from rock to to pop with hidden elements of folk, funk, and indie pop, you are bound to enjoy at least one of the thirteen songs.

Julia’s Top 3 Songs from Fine Line:

  1. She
  2. To Be So Lonely
  3. Watermelon Sugar

Tina, another die-hard “directioner” can’t seem to let go of the bands split, she continues to support all their solo careers as she enjoys their music. Every since Niall’s new album came out just this year, she has been telling all her friends to give it a listen, so it must be pretty good.

Recommended by Tina Gupta

Heartbreak Weather, is Niall Horan’s second studio album. It features 14 pop songs showing different perspectives of breakups and using the weather as a metaphor. Perhaps you are facing some heartbreak right now over his tour that has been postponed due to the on-going pandemic. Since the tour is not completely cancelled, maybe now is a good time to get into Niall’s music and you might enjoy it enough to buy some tickets when the new dates are announced.

“Niall has always been one of my favorite members, and I feel like he is so underrated!” – Tina Gupta

Tina’s Top 3 from Heartbreak Weather:

  1. Black and White
  2. Dear Patience
  3. Everywhere
Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent
Recommended by Christine Yoh

Lewis Capaldi is one of the fastest rising artists in history, before he was even signed he broke the record for reaching 25 million streams on Spotify in the shortest time. He passion for music started at a young age, he started guitar and the drums when he was just a toddler and performed in bars at 9 years old. He started getting more recognition in 2018 where he performed on BBC Radio 1, and broke through early in 2019 where his song “Someone You Loved” charted in around 30 countries.

Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, his debut album features 15 songs that express his vulnerability by showing raw and real emotions. Most of the songs deal with breakups, so if you are currently heartbroken, this is the perfect album to eat ice cream and cry to.

Capaldi is not only insanely talented, he also has fantastic sense of humor! His music may make him seem like a serious, heartbroken, and emotional person, however, his interviews say otherwise. If you love self depricating humour, his interviews will surely crack a smile on your face.

Christine’s Top 3 from Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent:

  1. Hold me While you Wait
  2. Before you Go
  3. Grace
2014 Forest Hills Drive
Recommended by Sanya Lokur

Sanya’s has quite a diverse music taste, so when it came to recommending just one album she found it difficult to choose. 2014 Forest Hills Drive was one album in particular that struck out to her.

“Personally, I think this is one of the best rap albums. When it comes to other rappers, I usually only like a few songs from their album, but this one was different.” – Sanya Lokur

His music appeals to many due to his relatively typical life. He was born in Germany to a white mother and African American father, he was a talented student and graduated university. Although he started rapping at the young age of twelve, he only started his life as a musician much later. His album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, is named after an address of where he grew up in North Carolina. Many of the songs describe his struggles of moving from North Caroline to New York for university, so if you are a senior worried about transition this album is for you!

Sanya’s Top 3 from 2014 Forest Hills Drive:

  1. Love Yourz
  2. Wet Dreamz
  3. No Role Modelz
Recommended by Veronica Lee

Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular artists so you probably know about his existence. However, it has been six years since he released X, and since it a new decade has started, maybe it is time to feel nostalgic and listen to some old familiar tunes.

X, pronounced “multiply,” was the most streamed album of 2014 and reached #1 in 15 countries. It features 17 songs, and one was even featured in the movie adaptation everyone’s favorite book in middle school, “The Fault in Our Stars”. So if Ed Sheeran’s music is good enough for the one and only John Green, you will probably enjoy. it too.

“There is honestly a lot of albums that I really like, but if I had. to choose one that really has no bad songs I would say X by Ed Sheeran. If has been a favorite since it came out, and it probably will be forever” – Veronica Lee

Veronica’s Top 3 from X:

  1. I’m a Mess
  2. Tenerife Sea
  3. Shirtsleeves
Recommended by Radhika Srivastava

Maybe you’re mourning over the cancellation of Rex Orange County’s world tour where he was set to perform in Singapore this May, or maybe you’ve never heard of him. Either ways, if you are into alternative and indie music you probably like Rex Orange County.

Alex O’Connor, also known as Rex Orange County, is a young British musician. I must admit, I was disappointed when I found out that he is in fact, not from Orange County. Rex Orange County grew up with many musical talents, he sang, played the drums, and taught himself piano. Alex originally created music on Soundcloud where he was discovered by Tyler, The Creator, and was flown out to L.A to help Tyler work on Flowerboy, one of Tyler’s most successful albums.

Pony, his third studio encaptures the struggles growing up with the changes we have to face in life, self doubt, and relationship struggles. The almost childlike tunes nicely contrast the mature and important messages he sends through his lyrics.

Radhika’s Top 3 from Pony:

  1. Never had the balls
  2. It gets better
  3. Face to Face
Square Up
Recommended by Hee Jae Park

I don’t think I have seen Hee Jae listen to anything other than K-Pop, so consider her a certified expert!

Blackpink is one of the most successful K-Pop girl groups, recognized globally. As someone who doesn’t listen to K-Pop, I was surprised to find out that they really do have a worldwide audience. During an Interim trip to Bhutan, one of the most isolated countries in the world, I discovered that the “k-wave” has reached the youth there. Almost all the children I met knew all their songs and the coresponding dances.

Personally, I am not one to listen to K-Pop, but I can’t deny that the songs Square up are catchy. If I actually worked out, I feel like these songs would be good to run to. You definitely will not be able to get out of your head for days, or maybe even weeks. If you already listen to K-Pop, you probably have heard these songs before, but if you haven’t it is always fun to explore music from other cultures, so why not give Square Up a try?

Hee Jae’s Top 3 from Square Up:

  1. Ddu du ddu du
  2. Forever Young
  3. See You Later

Do you have some recommendations for new music that could make our social distancing more bearable? We’d love to see them in the comments below. In the meantime, may your musical escapes provide a needed mood-enhancer.

Author: Cassandra Lundsgaard

Cassandra Lundsgaard is currently a senior, and this is her second year as a reporter for The Eye. She was born and raised in China but is originally half Danish and half Singaporean. In her free time, she typically procrastinates by “accidentally” spending hours on Netflix, as well as napping during unreasonable hours. She can be contacted at

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