Light (and Lunch) at the End of the Circuit Breaker Tunnel

So you’re in lockdown, it has been extended, and you’re slowly dying of cabin fever. The good new: this, too, will end. At some point (although who knows when for sure) we will be allowed back into the outside world. So to reap the benefits of future-focused, positive thinking, let’s start planning our outings to 8 cool cafes once we’ve been released.  I know, this feels cruel to wave the possibilities before your eyes, but making reservations for your future self isn’t such a bad idea, is it?

“Had a great menu and an incredible ambiance. It’s a great place to go with your friends and study! I highly recommend it!”- Julia Fallows (SAS student)

1) The Glasshouse at Chijmes (has vegan and vegetarian options)

(Photo from Tripadvisor)

Unleash your inner hipster at Glasshouse, a minimalist greenhouse-inspired cafe which features an open glass facade and is teeming with lush plants. They provide delicious classics (from $5), such as mocha and iced latte. On the pricier side, coffee snobs will appreciate how their in-house blend changes according to the seasons and will rejoice at their exotic specialty blends from around the world.

(Photo from @theglasshousesg & Photo from @cassakating)

They also serve a range of insta-worthy artisanal pastries, sandwiches, and toasts — with offerings such as the avocado dukkah toast ($7) — that taste as good as they look.

“Glasshouse had a great menu and an incredible ambiance. It’s a great place to go with your friends and study! I highly recommend it!”- Julia Fallows (SAS student)

2) Tipo Pasta Bar on North Bridge road (has vegan and vegetarian options)

(Photo by @peachnatch & Photo by @alif_burger)

Ever wanted to create your own pasta dish? Enjoy fresh handmade noodles and explore your inner chef at Tipo Pasta Bar, situated in the hip Kampong Glam area. Pick from a selection off of their set menu ($11.90+)  and complete it upon ordering with your choice of pasta, presented to you on a tray by the waiter. 

(Photos by DanielFoodDiary)

Alternatively, customize your own dish from scratch — starting from $9.90 — and choose from toppings such as escargot, caviar, and truffle oil. 

“You could tell the food was really fresh and a lot of work was put into making it”- Ian (SAS student)

3) Looksee Looksee near Arab street (has vegan & vegetarian options)

(Photo from The Lo & Behold Group)

Retreat to this serene plush pastel world as you browse over a book and sip on specially curated teas. At Looksee Looksee, an elegant reading room and tea salon right around the corner from Arab street, you can spend the perfect chill afternoon. 

(Photo by @jessyamada & Photo by @crimixaled)

Their book collection features only local authors, and their selection of refined teas are changed every month. What’s more, they operate on a gratuity basis, meaning you’re free to pay however much you feel the experience was worth (with a recommended minimum of $5).

4) Knots Cafe & Living in Geylang (has vegetarian options)

(Photo by @afternoonswithfaith)

Teeming with plants, this rustic garden cafe is the perfect brunch spot. We all know breakfast is the best meal, which is why at Knots Cafe & Living you can have it at any time of the day until 6pm. 

(Photo by @matchamlk_ & Photo by @ashlejx_)

Treat yourself to their charcoal waffles (from $11.5), and choose from more than 10 flavours of ice cream to top it with. What’s more, after your meal you can purchase any of the plants (or furniture) in the store to bring home with you.

5) Two Cranes in Hougang (has vegetarian options)

(Photo by EatBook)

Enjoy a mouth-watering feast at this humble Korean-fusion restaurant tucked away in Hougang. Try one of their three korean-inspired brunch options, such as boeuf eggs benedict ($15). Or, go for something sweeter and get ‘Fu’s Favourite’ fluffy toast ($3.50) with your choice of one of their unique butter flavours on the side. 

(Photos by EatBook)

Finally for dessert, treat yourself to a refreshing shaved ice Caramel Macchiato Bingsu, topped with a pillowy layer of caramel whipped cream. 

6) Mellower Coffee in the Downtown Core (has vegetarian options)

(Photo by

With multiple outlets in the central business district, this specialty chain from Shanghai is famous for their signature cotton candy coffee ($9.80).

(Photo by DanielFoodDiary & Photo by @jodeschan)

As the sugary floss cloud slowly melts, it drips into the brew below and sweetens it. Their unique brews cost more than their food, with sandwiches at $6 and a range of pastries from $3. 

7) Banchong Cafe at Raffles Place (has vegetarian options)

(Photo by @lvacation_ud)

Looking for your local food fix? Look no further, because this minimalist cafe — formerly a corrugated cardboard box factory — serves up the best classic Singaporean eats.

(Photos from Banchong Cafe)

Come here for a cheap breakfast with friends and enjoy their Kaya toast set ($4.5) with two soft boiled eggs on the side and a cool iced Kopi. Located in the downtown core, you can head to one of the many museums in the area afterward.

8) Wildseed Cafe in Seletar (has vegetarian and some vegan options)

(Photo by @eelleonn)

Enter a lavishly decorated floral space, located in the north of Singapore in a vast 11-hectare space and complete with its own in-house herb and spice garden. At Wildseed Cafe, all ingredients are locally sourced, including their decorations.

(Photo from TheSmartLocal)

Sharing their space with Poppy Flora Studio, dried blooms surround diners as they hang from ceilings and crawl up the walls. 

(Photo by @mick.grey & Photo by @wildseedsg)

Go big with their Big Pan Breakfast ($28), or savour their creamy Loaded Mac and Cheese loaded with crispy bacon bits ($12). If you’re feeling fancy, you can treat yourself to a tea set for two ($20 per person), which comes with four mini cakes, madeleines, and two caprese chicken sandwiches.

Is your mouth watering yet? Reset assured, we will return to normalcy. Let’s just all hope these attractive venues are still around when the gates are opened and casual dining with friends is once again on the agenda.

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