Zoom: SAS x Coronavirus

Oh, what a difference a week makes. In the wake of the novel coronavirus (and our decision to go online through the zoom platform), we’re not heading back to campus with a very realworld perspective on distance learning. This piece, shot just prior to our propulsion into its very subject matter, explores the possibilities and opinions of both teachers and faculty on these alternatives to face-to-face learning.

Stay tuned, as the reality that we have just experienced may resurface. The Eye will continue to monitor your thoughts on live vs. online schooling and ultimately be there to assess the verdict.

Author: Natacia Roach

Natacia is currently a sophomore, and this is her first year as a reporter for The Eye. She is from the U.S. and Malaysia, but has lived in Singapore for almost 13 years. When Natacia isn't stressing about homework she forgot to do, she can be found watching food videos and old barbie movies (usually Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus). Even though she takes naps five times a day, she can be contacted at roach49367@sas.edu.sg

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