How To Be Alone: Surviving Social Distancing

As we prepare to return to campus, one thing will become readily clear: Social Distancing is still very much a buzz term, and our school—under new guidelines—will not be the hub of socializing that helped fulfill a need for contact and human interaction.

With the rise of COVID-19, nations worldwide are doing all they can to prevent the rampant spread of this disease. Governments worldwide have urged citizens to practice safe/social distancing which involves deliberately increasing the physical space between people. However, this will not be effective if people continue to go out unnecessarily and crowding spaces. The simplest solution? Stay at home.

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What can I do to pass the time?

As social creatures, many of us find it difficult to stay away from people. We all get lonely at times and it can get frustrating only seeing your family for days on end. However there’s no point in moping about not being able to see the homies, when you have hours of time at your disposal to do something constructive or fun instead.

Pick up an instrument

More likely than not you have an instrument somewhere in your home gathering dust. Why not pick it up and give it a try? Your old piano or guitar doesn’t have to remain a mere relic of yours or some else’s musical glory days. There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet if you’re new to the instrument, but if you’re just a little rusty, you can just pick up where you left off. For those without a single musical bone in their body, I recommend trying the ukulele which is known for being one of the easiest instruments to learn. If you don’t have one you can order one straight to your doorstep for very inexpensive prices.

Bake something

It’s easy to fall into bad eating habits at home, especially when your pantry is in such close proximity to your bed. But why stick to the same boring snacks when you could make your own? Junior Mihika Iyer says “There is something so comforting about baking, I’m actually excited to have more time to do it”. The possibilities with baking are endless but Mihika loves trying easy recipes such as homemade bread. Here is a link to one of her favorite bread recipes (I’ve tried it; it’s delicious).

Have a virtual movie/game night

Missing the homies? Try having an online game or movie night. You can use the chrome extension “Netflix Party” in order to watch Netflix with your friends virtually. Or, you can find online multiplayer games such as Cards Against Humanity, get on a skype call and have a virtual game night.

Find new music

All of us get into musical ruts sometimes causing us to be stuck hearing the same five songs on repeat even though we’re sick of them. There just isn’t time to sift through music in search of a solid bop. But when staying at home for hours on end there is all the time in the world available that can be used to try listening to new artists and genres. For those who already have Spotify (follow me) this is almost too easy, as there are hundreds of public playlists available in all genres.

Do a workout

So maybe that spring break body you planned to get was useless after your Bali trip got cancelled, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from some #gainz. Grab whatever exercise equipment at home maybe some dumbbells or resistance bands or even just a yoga mat, and follow one of the thousands of at home workout videos available on youtube. For example someone such as Chloe Ting, Chris Hemsworth’s ab trainer, has tons of great workout videos to follow along to.

Read or write

Before you say no, hear me out. We all know the benefits of reading, but as young people accustomed to the instant gratification of social media, I get why actually getting down and reading a book is a challenge. But with all this free time, why not put your phone in another room and pick up a book? Even if you struggle to remain focused, set a timer for fifteen minutes and see how far you get. However, if reading isn’t your jam try writing instead. Even a simple journal entry about your musings of that day is a great start.

Try painting

You know that crusty box of poster colors you have in the back of your closet that you bought for that project in middle school and never used again? Well it’s time to break out that bad boy (granted it’s not all dried out) and try your hand at painting. Bob Ross, one of my personal favourites, has tons of painting tutorials that you can take a crack at. The results might not be pretty but you’re guaranteed a fun time.

What are other SAS students doing?

“I’m glad to have time to catch up on my reading list”.

Olivia m

“I can’t spend time with a lot of my friends which is a shame but I’ve been taking my dog on long walks which helps to pass the time”.

DHruV k

“I’m spending this time taking care of me and enjoying my home environment, I feel like I’m growing mentally”.

Isla B

“I’ve been having movie marathons with my family a lot”.

Casey S

What do I need to stop doing?

With great amounts of time comes great potential to waste it. These are some of the things that I’ve seen cropping up as trends amongst teens around me and all over the world. I’m no saint and am definitely guilty of partaking in some of the following activities but I’d advise against following my example.

However you choose to spend your hours at home, remember that you are doing your part in helping society. It’s also important to acknowledge that one day when things get hectic, you might miss having so much free time. Relish the peace of being at home and make the most of your days rather than allow yourself to be unproductive and idle. This time will help you appreciate the things you took for granted in the past, and will allow you to find joy in the little things. You’ll grow from this situation and will emerge as a much more humble and appreciative human being.

Author: Nikki Remedios

Nikki Remedios is a senior, and this is her first year at The Eye. She was born in Melbourne, lived in Mumbai for a while, and is starting her seventh year in Singapore. You can usually find her painting, listening to music or drinking bubble tea. Sometimes all at once. She is a frequent visitor to the kitchen because the only thing she loves more than a good book is a good snack. She’s probably eating right now but you can contact her at

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