Goodbye, Old Campus.

Perhaps lost in the shuffle of a difficult week, a peculiar and exciting milestone made its way into a few official school updates. During last week’s meeting, our elected board unanimously voted to approve the new campus reconstruction project that has been years in the making. Though seniors may not reap the immediate benefits, other students should prepare to see a lot of change in the physical classrooms, fields, dining halls, and events spaces where we spend a good part of our daily lives.

Perhaps now, more than ever, it makes sense to look back and reflect on what we’re about to lose (while celebrating what we are positioned to gain.) Though much of our school’s history is documented within the heritage walk of the central administration building, a few veteran staffers at SAS can still recount, first hand, their early experiences at “another SAS.” Singapore American School has grown from having a campus at Ulu Pandan to King’s Road and then to its current home at Woodlands.

Eye Reporters Lily Pan and Mitali Singh interviewed Mr. Early, Dr. Began and Ms. Pong about their experiences teaching at the Ulu Pandan and King’s Road Campuses. And, we spoke to much newer teachers — Mr. Belcher and Ms. Pate — on their experience teaching at the current home of SAS, the Woodlands Campus. So sit back and enjoy this trip down memory lane exploring the the different phases of the Singapore American School Campuses from Ulu Pandan and King’s Road, to Woodlands and now to the upcoming modern spin that envisions the SAS of the future.

Filmed and Edited by Lily Pan and Mitali Singh

Special Thanks to Mr. Early, Dr. Began, Mr. Belcher, Ms. Pong and Ms. Pate

Author: Mitali Singh

Mitali Singh is currently a senior at Singapore American School and this is her second year reporting for The Eye. Living all 17 years of her life in Singapore, she tries not to spend her time debating whether to binge-watch TV shows or watching past vine compilations (rip vine). Rather she would spend her time towards her passion to write and tell stories of others, which she is excited to continue this year by producing more sophisticated content. So, if you have any interesting stories from your life or even vines you would like to share, she can be contacted at

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