CrossFit Teens at SAS

While high school life can often become caught up in stress and assignments, CrossFit at SAS provides an outlet to relieve some of that stress as well as form new connections within the SAS community. Meeting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:15 in the APEX, a group of dedicated atheletes-in-training (led by Mr. Gaskell) is part of the worldwide phenomenon of CrossFit. We went to a CrossFit practice at SAS to see for ourselves what exactly was so special to the people who participate in it.

Author: catherinegmcguire

Catherine (Cat) McGuire is currently a sophomore at SAS, and this is her first year working on the Eye. She gets her obnoxious personality and dedicated love for food and the Yankees from New York City where she was born, then going on to grow up in Hong Kong and eventually moving to Singapore in second grade. She enjoys spending her time watching the Office, traveling the world, debating political issues using tweets as points of reference, and laughing at outdated memes! She’s extremely passionate about Aaron Judge and eating excessive amounts of xiao long bao, truffle fries, mooncakes, and bubble tea. She can be contacted at

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