Bobbii Frutii & Artisanal Bubble Tea: Worth the hype?

Bubble tea has recently blown up and not only taken over SAS but also the world. With the industry making a massive revenue of US$1.96 billion in 2016 and having predicted annual earnings of US$3.21 billion by 2023, it seems like everyone now has a bubble tea addiction. Considering that there are thousands of posts and videos about it online and that there is at least one mass order of bubble tea made to the school every day. 

Photo Credit: Business Insider Singapore

The typical SAS student’s bubble tea order is rather simple but still classic. It consists of milk tea or fruit tea, typically with black pearls and sometimes white ones if people are feeling adventurous. They have favourite cafes that they stay loyal to, such as Each a Cup, Koi, Gong Cha, LiHo, and Share Tea. One thing that all these places have in common that makes them so popular is that they all provide drinks that are relatively cheap and tasty. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are healthy, and the average bubble milk tea with pearls can contain around 8 teaspoons of sugar and 335 calories or more.

Photo Credit: Bobii Frutii

Singapore is currently trying to make its country as healthy as possible and it is constantly working on reducing diabetes and other health issues that can come from a poor diet. So, when I heard of a new artisanal bubble tea shop called “Bobii Frutii” that prides itself on using more wholesome and natural ingredients in its drinks, it piqued my interest. The brand was founded in 2016 by a young couple who wanted to make tasty bubble tea drinks that are healthier than other brands. Their goal has been quite successful, and in the three years that their business has been running, they have opened four locations in three different countries. Their chain was also recently expanded to Singapore in 2018 by famous Singaporean actor Nat Ho who is not only a shareholder of the company but also a brand ambassador and creative director.

Nat Ho, Creative Director and spokesperson for Bobii Frutii. Photo Credit: Bobii Frutii

The actor has been involved in food and beverage for a while and previously opened a different health-conscious shop named Love Bento. With his fame, he has helped the brand gain popularity in Singapore. He has also spread the brand’s mission, which aims to “redefine the essence of bubble tea” by freshly making drinks without artificial flavourings, colorings, and sweeteners that so many of the popular, cheaper brands in Singapore pack into their recipes.

 In this fast-food generation, food colourings and artificial flavours are everywhere; however, Bobii Frutii’s mission is to Deliver the Fine Value of Real Food.

So may options. Photo Credits: Bobii Frutii

Another big staple of the brand is that they combine Western and Taiwanese cultural elements to make very aesthetic and colourful drinks that are super Instagram worthy. The hashtag Bobii Frutii has more than 5000 posts under its name on Instagram that are promoting and praising the drinks. 

Bobbii Frutii combines Taiwanese Tea Culture with Western Fashion elements to create the revolutionary brand with innovative and beautiful drinks.

My Review

After learning all about the brand, I decided I needed to go try some of its signature drinks that had received a lot of attention online and were shown a lot by the brand. So, I went to Clementi Mall (one of the brand’s Singapore locations) with a fellow SAS student and ordered four of Bobii Frutii’s signature drinks.

Uji Snow ($6.50): Matcha, Fresh Milk, Original Bobii

The matcha in this drink was very strong, but because it was very frothy and smoothed out by milk, it was not overwhelmingly bitter like many green teas are. The bobii also helped to sweeten the drink, but we did find it a bit bland and not too exciting. 

Pandora’s Treasure ($5.50): Lemon, Honey, Butterfly Pea & Bobii

This drink had a refreshing sourness to it but was still quite sweet and good. The butterfly pea and original bobii seemed very fresh as they were very soft and chewy. They also sweetened the drink with honey which added some good extra flavour to it that is healthier than regular sugar syrup. 

Don’t want to grow up ($5.90): Strawberry, Mango, Fresh Milk, Yogurt

This drink was our favorite because of how refreshing it was. It tasted like a mango and strawberry smoothie with hints of yogurt in it, but was also not too sweet and was very light and tasty. 

Extraordinary bubble milk tea ($3.90): Black Tea, Fresh Milk, Brown Sugar Bobii

This was our least favourite drink because it did not really leave a lasting impression on us. It tasted quite like many of the brown sugar milk teas we have tried before, but at least it was made with fresh milk instead of powdered milk which is a bit healthier.

In Conclusion

” Artisanal tea is not always as good as it looks”– Gracie

Overall, Bobbii Frutti has done a good job of trying to make normally unhealthy drinks a little less guilt-free by having them contain ingredients that are fresher and of higher quality. However, despite tasting good, I did not think that there was anything super extraordinary about these drinks. They were a bit pricy, but I guess if you want a higher quality drink that is healthier, you have to pay a little more than average. I don’t think that I will be frequenting the franchise, choosing to stick to my favorite classic bubble tea brands that I have been drinking for years.

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