The Tiktok Epidemic at SAS

Reporters Amerens Wilson, Mitali Singh and HyunJu Lee report upon the current Tiktok craze that has not only blown up all over the world but even at SAS.

Though the Tiktok trend at SAS is not without its detractors (and recently associated with undesirable representations of SAS students on the internet), we cannot deny that the positive tendencies of this phenomenon are overwhelming. Here we interview current students who seem to have a fixation to this social media app but have also gained thousands of views and followers. Clearly, Tiktok—once known as cringe app—has has won new epidemic status in 2019.

Special thanks to all the students who were willing to share their experiences in this video!

Author: Mitali Singh

Mitali Singh is currently a senior at Singapore American School and this is her second year reporting for The Eye. Living all 17 years of her life in Singapore, she tries not to spend her time debating whether to binge-watch TV shows or watching past vine compilations (rip vine). Rather she would spend her time towards her passion to write and tell stories of others, which she is excited to continue this year by producing more sophisticated content. So, if you have any interesting stories from your life or even vines you would like to share, she can be contacted at

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