4 Phrases or Words That Came From Memes

Hey babes! If you’re clicking on this article that probably means you’re like many others who don’t understand the new phrases, “lingo”, or “slang” that you hear many of your favorite YouTubers like James Charles, Jefree Star, and others say. Many of these new terms or phrases came from memes or videos that are now circulating Twitter. Below are 10 words or phrases that you can include in your day to day life for a bit of sass.


This words originates from the girl singer group City Girls, who coined this phrase after many years of using it. You use this word after you say a very important sentence or want to add emphasis on what you are saying. For example, you could say – “This party is terrible. Periodt.”

“And what about it?”

This saying comes from a video of Ariana Grande on the red carpet and being screamed at by photographers to “look up”. She responds with “And what about it?”. After this video emerged, many people started to use “And what about it?” as a comeback to when you are being told to do something or you say something controversial.

“And I oop!”

Source: gfycat.com

This is personally my favorite phrase because you can use it whenever you are about to say something hurtful or state your own opinion. For example someone could say “She’s so ugly!” and you could respond with “And I oop!”.


This phrase comes from Lady Gaga when she was at her concert and sarcastically retorted to a less-than-stellar crowd that she was excited to be in front of all these “locals” tonight. Except… she wasn’t. Yes, the term “locals” is increasingly being used in the pejorative sense to make fun of other people, as if saying, “Oh they didn’t get invited? They must be locals”. It’s defined as “an ignorant person not updated on the tea/gossip.”

If you have any other words or phrases that you don’t understand please comment down below and I can always do a part 2! Thanks babes and as always…

XOXO Gossip Gay ❤

Author: Will Staley

Will Staley is currently a senior and this is his second year working for the Eye. This is also his second year living in Singapore, having moved from St. Louis, Missouri USA. Will enjoys photography and has a photography website (willstaleyphotography.com). He hopes to pursue photography and journalism for his college and career, while being involved in his passion of politics and humanitarian work. He can be contacted at staley774011@sas.edu.sg.

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