Shake Shack in Changi

Shake Shack, the world renowned burger chain from New York, originating from a simple hot dog cart in 2001, has progressed to reach foreign countries. Apart from their mouth-watering burgers, they are well known for their milkshakes, hence the word “Shake” in their name.

The world renowned Shake Shack burgers
Source: Shake Shack

Now, the Shake Shack craze has reached Singapore in the form of a new chain opening in Jewel. People have counted down and waited for this day; however, when they finally got to the restaurant, the wait was not over. Many people queued for over 2 hours on an opening day, and the long lines did not tone down until several days later. Supposedly, the line should not have been this insane. However, rumors have surfaced that many people were added to the lines just to make it look more appealing that it actually was.

The Line At Shake Shack, Singapore
Source: The Straits Times

Was it worth the wait? The opinions differ between people. For the most part, people who have never tried Shake Shack before enjoyed the burgers, but did not understand why it was so popular. For others, many believe that the burgers from Shake Shack are really something special.

The burgers are quite authentic as the meat is brought in from the US; however, the buns are from a food company from South Korea.

There doesn’t seem to be any significant differences between the Shake Shack in Singapore and the original one in New York. However, there are a few exclusive items, such as a Pandan Shake, Jewela Melaka Concrete, and their Shack Attack Concrete is slightly different in the sense where they use brownies from Plain Vanilla, a local pastry shop.

Pandan Shake
Photo Source: The Straits Times

Several people tend to complain that the one in Singapore is much more expensive. This is not true if you look at the menu and remember to convert the currency. Looking at the conversion of currency, the price range only differs by around $1 SGD.

Shake Shack is known to be much classier than your typical fast food restaurant. Not only does the place look more aesthetic, but the food quality is supposed to be better.

In general, people seem to have enjoyed their experience at Shake Shack and found it worthy for its price. The major downside is just standing in line in a far location for a similar quality burger found elsewhere.

Author: Cassandra Lundsgaard

Cassandra Lundsgaard is currently a senior, and this is her second year as a reporter for The Eye. She was born and raised in China but is originally half Danish and half Singaporean. In her free time, she typically procrastinates by “accidentally” spending hours on Netflix, as well as napping during unreasonable hours. She can be contacted at

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