A More Sustainable Life: A Vegan Perspective

Crystal Shoff, a senior SAS student, explores the benefits of living a sustainable life through her Catalyst project. She created a website advocating for a more pro-environmental approach through a vegan diet.

Her project is inspired by a personal experience as she wanted to help her sisters out. Her two sisters were transitioning into becoming vegetarians. From there, she learned the benefits of how to live a more healthy life.

“The definition of veganism can vary from person to person depending on their own personal definition, sometimes the word refers only directly to food, sometimes it refers to products such as household products, and sometimes it can mean abstaining from all animal-derived products and foods.”

– Crystal Shoff

Growing up with animals and the belief that we should care about the environment has led her to write a comprehensive beginner’s guide to becoming vegan, but more importantly living a sustainable life. She elaborates on the benefits and challenges of being a vegan, as well as a how to be vegan with restaurants in Singapore.

Although she is not currently vegan, she has always adhered to that lifestyle of eating healthy.

She says that “I personally feel that I should be healthy before making the transition to being vegan and since have dabbled in a few diets … such as cutting pork and dairy out.”

Becoming vegan has many benefits both personally and environmentally. Eating more vegetables than meat reduces your carbon footprint, as a vegan diet has the lowest carbon footprint of 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide. Not only that, but there are ethical reasons as well since we don’t consider the harsh treatment of animals before consuming them.

Crystal’s website will allow you to understand why becoming vegan leads to a more healthy and sustainable life, as well as reduce the damage on the environment and animals. To find out more about becoming vegan in Singapore, visit https://www.vegansingapore.org/.

Here is an interview of Crystal Shoff explaining the benefits of how to become vegan in Singapore.

Author: Jensen Tan

Jensen Tan is currently a senior and it is his first year working for The Eye. He was born in Singapore, but he was raised in Melbourne, Australia. When he is not playing basketball every week, he is watching films or dreaming about living in California, or New York City, or travelling around the globe. He is an aspiring filmmaker and hopes to enter both film and journalism in the future. He can be contacted at tan48557@sas.edu.sg.

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  1. This is such an important message! I feel like many people forget about the environmental benefits of vegansim…


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