A Female Republican’s View on the Women’s March

I am a Republican. I am a woman. And if I was an American who could have voted in 2016, I would have voted for Donald Trump.

Before you are quick to judge and label me as someone I am not, understand what I would have voted for. I would have voted for the millions of babies who will never get the chance to vote. I would have voted because guns keep us safe. And I would have voted because police put their life on the line for our country each and every day, and our society can’t seem to give them basic respect. I would have been proud for what I voted for.

Women wearing bright pink hats gather at the Women’s March. Source by Fortune.com

As a conservative woman and as someone whose family also leans towards the conservative side, I, as well as my family, never intended on being a part of or stumbling upon the march during a day in New York City. But that’s exactly what happened. My parents were on Sixth Avenue when they heard what sounded like howling. Their curiosity led them a block away to find hundreds of thousands of people marching down Fifth Avenue. That’s when they took out their phones and started videotaping to show me what they experienced later on when they got home.

The march left them “in shock.” They stood for an hour to watch all the protestors walk by with their signs and T-shirts, advocating for their views. Fifth Avenue was packed with people coming out to protest an American election—mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons.

Unfortunately, these children will grow up without the opportunity to think for themselves. They are creating an uneducated generation. How about that for the future of your country?

When my parents showed me the videos they took (featuring an angry naked lady swearing violently at him, attempting to slap my dad’s phone away from his hand), there were two things about the march that angered me, and it wasn’t a certain stance that was taken or a chant I didn’t like. Liberals are quick to judge young Republicans by saying that we “are only Republicans because our parents are Republicans,” which in so many cases is just simply untrue. Political views are personal views and should be determined based on an individual’s beliefs. This idea, praised by liberals, was utterly destroyed at the march when I saw countless toddlers marching and holding signs that said “I don’t like Donald Trump,” “Not My President,” and “I don’t want to grow up under Trump.” These parents haven’t even given their children a chance to grow up and formulate opinions and ideas of their own. They are raising their children to hate and disrespect the President of the United States without question, pushing their own viewpoints and agendas on those not old enough to have even truly experienced the world yet. I was floored that these parents weren’t giving their children a chance. Unfortunately, these children will grow up without the opportunity to think for themselves. They are creating an uneducated generation. How about that for the future of your country?

The one sign that I kept seeing everywhere that angered me more than anything was the phrase that has become all too common: “Not My President.” The fact is this: he is your president. If you are an American citizen, he is your president. You may not like Trump, and you may not have voted for him, but you have to respect and accept the fact that enough people in the United States did vote for Donald Trump to represent them. It is simply incorrect to say that Donald Trump is not your president because you don’t agree with him on policies, ideologies, or morals. Remember that just because Donald Trump doesn’t share your views doesn’t mean he doesn’t share the views of so many other Americans. Barack Obama never once advocated for something I believed in, but I respected him and the high office of the presidency because if he failed, the country that I love would fail too.

Women in Middle Eastern country protesting against the limitation of their rights. Source by SocialScienceCollective

I was not proud of the march. I was not proud to see women and men advocating for the murder of innocent babies. I was not proud to see American citizens question the legitimacy of an American election. I was not proud to see women walking naked around New York City asking for “human rights” as if women in America share the same kind of oppression women in third world countries face on a daily basis. Women in America are not oppressed. In fact, they are increasingly becoming more successful in graduating from college and high school than men. The victim mentality that a lot of liberal women have prevents them from achieving anything, and instead, it places the blame for their failure on the “patriarchy” rather than owning up to failures themselves. However, I was proud on January 20 when I saw a Republican inaugurated, and I was proud to know that America would be better than it was yesterday. When the Title X Rule was introduced by Trump in an effort to defund Planned Parenthood, I cried tears of relief and happiness because I knew that America was now an inch closer to abolishment of the murder of innocent lives incapable of giving consent. I was happy that the illegal immigration issue that decapitates millions of Americans’ (and immigrants’) lives was going to be a priority for the government to fix. I was extremely happy to discover that the unemployment rate for America is at an all-time low, especially for Black Americans with many still complaining that “Trump is racist.” Donald Trump is not perfect. But he is helping, and you should accept these results and support your president and your country.

… I am asking for your respect, whether you are conservative, liberal, libertarian, or any other position you identify as.

A controversial topic, I consider pro-life being a pro-woman concept. Source by marchfor life.com

Being a Latina, I am not one to obligate anyone, especially Americans, to do anything they don’t want to. But I am asking for your respect, whether you are conservative, liberal, libertarian, or any other position you identify as. Conservatives are increasingly hesitant about expressing their views because mainstream media makes the right look homophobic, sexist, etc. But if you know me, you know I am not one of those things. Just because I believe in certain politics doesn’t mean that you know the type of person I am. It also doesn’t give you the right to attack us just because you don’t like what we believe in. America is the great country it is because of the rights it gives its citizens. And because of free speech, we are allowed to believe what we want without the fear of getting hurt because of it.

Author: Melina Poulsen

Melina Poulsen is currently a senior and this is her first year writing for The Eye. She's originally from Argentina, but has lived most of her life in Brazil, which is her favorite place in the world. She has an undying passion for music and would say it is one of the few things she couldn't live without. She can be contacted at poulsen49072@sas.edu.sg.

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