Notre Dame Fire: Anger or Grief?

Tragedy struck Paris as one of their greatest historic sites, Notre Dame, caught fire on April 15th, Monday night. Only moments after the news about the fire spread, a total of approximately $1 billion dollars has been donated to fund the rebuilding.

The monumental cathedral began construction in the early 1100s, taking nearly two centuries to fully construct. It previously served as a trade center, but more importantly a symbol as the heart of their religion. Although this never had politically significant function, it served the locals a major spot to practice the dominant religion–Christianity. Throughout time some major events have occured. Several figures have been coronated under the roof of the cathedral including Britain’s King Henry VI and Emperor Napoleon.

Currently, the cathedral serves as one of Paris’ most popular tourist destinations. Apart from visiting due to religion, many people go solely for the majestic architecture. The beauty is expressed through their stained glass windows, details of design, marvellous paintings and carved gargoyles.

Despite the loss of history and partial destruction of the cathedral, it has caused anger for many people. Pictures and comments have surfaced the internet with many mixed emotions regarding this tragedy. There has been a trending post on Instagram with pictures of environmental issues with “rebuild this cathedral” written on top.

Post from The Planet Love Life via Instagram

Many people have expressed anger about the large sum of money donated to reconstruct a building. They believe that we, as humans, should make the environment a first priority when it comes to donations.

Others, however, believe that the money was well spent. Without a reconstruction, history would have be lost. Others also believe that those who donated should not face backlash as they had every right to donate as it is their own money.

Curious as to what the SAS high school student population felt about the matter at hand, I interviewed my peers for their honest perspectives.

Author: Cassandra Lundsgaard

Cassandra Lundsgaard is currently a senior, and this is her second year as a reporter for The Eye. She was born and raised in China but is originally half Danish and half Singaporean. In her free time, she typically procrastinates by “accidentally” spending hours on Netflix, as well as napping during unreasonable hours. She can be contacted at

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