My Best Friend Got My Name Tattooed On Her Arm.

My mother always told me that if I were ever to get a tattoo, she would remove it with a potato peeler. So since the womb, tattoos were pretty off the table for me-they were taboo. As I grew older, I’ve encountered all types of people with designs inked into their skin and, with the rest of society, have grown to appreciate the art.

In case you needed proof: remember when Ariana Grande tried getting “7 rings” written on her hand, but ended up with “small barbecue grill?” Perfect.

Still, there are certain types of tattoos that make everyone recoil. I’m sure you’ve all seen a drawing of a flower that translated into something more vulgar once printed onto someone’s arm, or better yet the misspelled word on a wrist. But the worst type of tattoos (so I thought) were names.

How many people have been stupid enough to get a lover’s name permanently needled on themselves only to cut ties with them a month later? A lot. Hopefully, my good friend, Irina, won’t have to foolishly attempt to cover up the newly inked word on her arm. Because although I’m confident in our friendship, no matter what happens to it, my name will remain on her arm forever.

Yeah, my best friend got my name tattooed on her arm. How many of you can say that? Though I take it as an honor, it really isn’t that deep to junior, Irina Maryukhina.

I should mention, she also got her other good friend’s name scrawled on her too-so maybe I’m not that special.

“It was sort of an impulsive decision. I never go into a tattoo salon knowing exactly what I want,” Irina admits to having an unusual dynamic with getting tattoos.


Unlike many of us, Irina isn’t threatened by the permanence of tattoos. To her, tattoos simply “represent a moment of time that felt valuable.” So, “if it was meaningful when [she] actually got the tattoo, that’s all that matters.”

That being said, Irina still recognizes the commitment she made by getting such a personal tattoo. Although she claims to not have had any precautions, Irina had to take a moment to make sure that she was confident in her decision. “I trust my judgment with these friendships, so I know that these people will be in my life for a long time.”

Even though my friend is over her new-tattoo-high, I’m still struggling to comprehend what’s on her skin.


As I suggested in the beginning, there’s certainly a general sense of unease when it comes to tattoos, but as younger people-like Irina-begin normalizing them, body artwork is becoming more associated with fashion rather than gang affiliations.

tattoo final
Some of Irina’s other tattoos.

As someone with multiple tattoos, Irina acknowledges that her first large tattoo took some getting used to. Now she has plans to continue decorating herself in permanent designs. “Tattoos are such a personal thing,” she says, and it really comes down to yourself and your judgment.

Author: Anjali Swarstad

Anjali Swarstad is currently a junior and working, for her second year, on The Eye. In her free time, Anjali enjoys making films, graphic design, and sharing goofs n' gaffs with her friends. She's excited to produce more videos this year, and can be contacted at

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