Prom Mistakes

The SAS prom of 2019, City of Lights, had juniors and seniors busy this past weekend preparing corsages, shading in eyeshadow, getting into tuxes, and of course, enjoying a fancy predinner before the event. Being an attendee of prom myself, here are some of the things before and at the occasion that I found myself reflecting upon.

When you think of prom, it’s typical to see luxurious and elegant dresses with fancy heels and men in expensive suits. I, on the other hand, have witnessed people do some nontraditional things to get ready for prom.


First off, heels are possibly one of the most uncomfortable things for me to be wearing for hours on end, and I know that I pretty much take them off as soon as I get to a table (which then remain off until I have to leave). Why not wear something different? Break the traditional laws of Prom Dress Code and slip on a pair of exquisite Converse. People put in so much time and energy thinking the shoes have to match the dress, but really in the end, with most prom dresses, you don’t even see the shoes. This year, I heard so many girls complaining that their feet were dying in heels, but they still refused to take them off and continued to suffer.


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Looking around at all the promposals and people coordinating with their dates for rides, before and after prom, the truth is that you really don’t need a date for prom; you could go on your own or with a group of friends. I find it easier to not worry whether or not I will have a date. It just adds unnecessary stress if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to go with. I have heard many people say leading up to prom that they thought they needed a date. I know this tradition of having a date will continue in future prom days, but I would like to put out there that you don’t need to have a date to have a good time.

Having Expectations

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Most people go into prom with big expectations, not just for the dance but also for what comes after. People think prom is an opportunity to have a great magical night where everything is going to be perfect. Whilst there is truth to this, and don’t get me wrong, it’s good to want things out of the night, just don’t expect a horse-drawn carriage and fairy godmother type of fun. Some people have the most fun when they don’t expect anything at all going in. Going to prom this year, I noticed that my choice to dive in without any particular expectations allowed me to have fun with my friends in the end.

For those of you who would like to reminisce on prom, click here.

Author: Sydney Dumke

Sydney Dumke is a senior at SAS and her first year working at the eye. Sydney was born in Texas, but has lived in in Hawaii, Italy, Washington State, Florida, and Guam. SAS is her 10th school. Sydney plays for the Varsity soccer and Softball team. Some of her favorite things to do are make YouTube videos and watching Netflix, and photography. She can be contacted at

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