Coffee Consumers in SAS

It’s 7:30am. Gradually, the empty campus starts filling up with students. A junior student, EJ Park, comments that she goes straight to the café on the second floor as soon as she gets to school to get a cup of iced coffee. “Watch my bags! I’m getting a coffee!” After successfully getting a cup of iced latte, she goes to one of the tables in the foyer, sits down, and start drinking it while doing her work. The process of getting coffee every morning has been “embedded” into her daily routine.

Coffee. It is a drink that has a stimulating effect on humans, primarily due to the fact that it contains caffeine. It is common to see students at SAS lining up at the café anytime during the day just to get a cup of coffee. Every day, the SAS café sells a tremendous amount of coffee, with mocha and latte being the most popular choices. Thirty minutes into starting school, and more than twenty cups of coffee have already been sold.

Almost every time I see a friend of mine, they also have a cup of coffee in their hand, which makes me start to wonder the reason behind. Why? Why would students get coffee in school? Is it because of personal bias? Or are there other reasons behind it?

I decided to investigate.

Pie Diagram from the survey

75% of students surveyed normally gets coffee from the school café on a daily basis while 25% of students gets coffee from outside of school.

When it came to the question of why they drink coffee, as expected, most of the students answered that it was to help them to stay awake. Many SAS High School students are suffering from sleep deprivation due to extreme academic stress, after school activities etc. There have been numerous articles and scientific reports stating that coffee is harmful to our health, especially in teenagers. According to this article on, it states that “Coffee has damaging effects on the digestive tract, which could lead to stomach ulcers, heartburn, and other ills. It might also increase the risk of heart disease and stunt growth. ”

Even with all the negative effects, there are actually some health benefits from drinking coffee that is barely known. It lowers the possibility of getting type 2 diabetes by 11% and coffee also contains a high amount of antioxidants, which reduces the risk of getting cancer.

Nevertheless, the amount of coffee drank should be considerate and appropriate. According to, drinking up to four cups of 8-ounces coffee is safe. It is not necessarily bad for students to get a cup of coffee per day to boost their productivity during classes. Coffee helps students in a positive way in thriving school work and social life if it is consumed at appropriate amount.  

Want better coffee with a variety of different flavours? In Shack’s room, there’s a maker space with a coffee machine exclusively for SAS Eye Reporters 🙂 Join the SAS Eye!

Author: Lily Pan

Lily (Jiaqi) Pan is currently a senior and this is her second year working for The Eye. She loves creative writing and enjoys voicing out her opinions on public issues. For Lily, The Eye is a valuable platform to engage with SAS campus activities and build on school culture. She is excited to continue her editorial journey at The Eye and produce quality work for the campus community. For news tips and questions, you can contact Lily at

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