Curious about Stationery Hits?

It is undeniably true that some of us find pleasure in having a set of nice pens. Having the right supply of pens, pencils, markers, and other stationery can greatly help students find more motivation and are essential to their everyday life.

When it comes to stationery, it is all about personalization. The grip, the ink, and even the design are all things pen-collectors consider. Before school, it is not uncommon to find students in bookstores buying pens in all different colors. The fulfillment pen collectors retrieve is much more than just feeling good but also feeling empowered and encouraged. When it comes to finding the best diary and notebook, we will look at size, design, and even the paper quality. 

I’ve generated a long list of stationery brands that have either been popular over a number of years or recently just made their debut. Let’s see what the hype is all about.

1. Muji 

Muji is without a doubt one of the most well-known and hyped stationery brands among teenagers. Many students make frequent visits to stock up on new pens, notebooks, and mechanical pencils — something I also do. Muji’s minimalistic design and variety in sizes of notebooks are loved by many students. These notebooks come in many designs from small notebooks at S$1.30 to thicker ones at S$13.90. You can be assured that there will be at least one to suit your needs. Muji also provides a unique inking station where their products can be decorated. After buying your notebooks, you can personalize and decorate them to your heart’s content.

Muji Stationery. Image from

2. Kikki K.

Kikki K. is a Swedish brand, popular among both teens and adults (but usually targeted more towards an older age group due to its price). This brand carries books made of quality materials like genuine leather. Another cute thing about the brand is their new and epic designs that come out every year, making their releases very anticipated amongst Kikki K. lovers. Their notebooks branch towards a higher price range — starting at S$29.90 for a small Bucket List Journal. However, students can get 10% off regular purchases when they flash their student IDS, so don’t forget to bring them!

Kikki K stationery. Image taken from

3. Art Friend

Art Friend is a great stationery story to go to if you are looking for a wide range of affordable DIY products and supplies. They have both the product quality and variety with their items. Especially for artists, this is a great place to pick up supplies to get ready for upcoming art projects! Even if you aren’t involved with art, you can find a great supply of pens from Japan and America that you can’t find anywhere else in Singapore.

Japanese pens in Art Friend. Image taken from

4. Moleskine

If we are talking about stationery, we can’t forget Moleskine. Moleskine is a notebook brand that truly exemplifies all the traits of a professional, splendid notebook. Moleskine’s usual notebooks come in plain colors and most of their notebooks come with a back pocket and an elastic band. But it is the quality of paper that separates Moleskine from any other notebook brand. Prices start at above $13 for cahier notebooks — Moleskine’s simplest notebook without a back pocket nor elastic.

Moleskine Notebook. Image taken from

A student’s life is incomplete without stationery. Picking out new stationery is not only exciting but a tradition for many students, showcasing how valuable these items can be.

Author: Angela Hwang

Angela Hwang is a senior at Singapore American School and this is her third year working for The Eye as a Chief Marketing Strategist. She is thrilled to return back to journalism and wants to produce more exciting content for the upcoming year. Angela embraces her Korean background, but considers Singapore her home. Her hobbies include taking aesthetic photographs, collecting CDs from her favorite artists, and travelling to some of the most majestic places on earth. She can be contacted at

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