Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

Eating out in Singapore is a lifestyle. Over the weekends, my family and I love to eat at restaurants, trying cuisines ranging from Italian to Korean. However, as vegetarians, we also have to be careful with where we choose to eat. Lucky for us, Singapore has provided us with ample vegetarian restaurants to eat from. There are six types of cuisines, my family and I usually try out and here are some of the tried and tested vegetarian restaurants that we love to eat at:

1) Soul Veggie: Soul Veggie is a small, Korean Vegetarian restaurant with enough food to satisfy your appetite or perhaps go beyond. With an array for dishes from Jajangmyeon and Janchi Guksu  to Kimchi Fried rice and Dolsot Bibimbap, it’s a must try vegetarian restaurant. 

A delicious must try. Korean Vegetarian Restaurant “Soul Veggie”. Credits:

2) Original Sin: Original Sin, an Italian/ mediterranean vegetarian restaurant, provides us with stomach filling, delicious and flavourful food. With food ranging from Beetroot salad and Mezze platter to Moussaka and Kashmir Pizza, don’t miss out on trying out this restaurant.

A Mediterranean  restaurant that will leave you wanting more. Credits:

3) Whole Earth: Whole Earth is Singapore’s first and only plant based restaurant to be awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand three years in a row. A Peranakan-Thai vegetarian restaurant, it serves tasty Olive Rice to Nonya Curry and its handmade honey lotus roots and is food heaven. At least for me it is.

Don’t miss out on this Peranakan-Thai plant based restaurant. Credits:

4) Real Food: Real Food is a vegetarian restaurant that focuses on where it gets ingredients and aims to support local producers. With a mix of food from dumplings to pasta, it’s deliciousness and freshness should not be missed.

A fun mix of vegetarian food. It’s a must try! Credits:

5) Herbivore: Herbivore is a vegetarian fusion Japanese restaurant offering a wide variety of food of choices using fresh and organic ingredients. From its sushi to its udon noodles, this restaurant is a must try in Singapore.

Don’t miss out on this tasty food. Credits:

6) MTR: Mavalli Tiffin Rooms(MTR) is a restaurant my father loves having his sunday breakfast at. Not limited to breakfast, the restaurant serves delicious vegetarian south Indian food from Rava Idli to Kharabath.

Most of my Sunday mornings are blessed with this restaurant’s amazing food. Credits:

Author: Aditi Balasubramanian

Aditi Balasubramanian is a senior at SAS and one of the Chief Copy Editors for The Eye. This is her fourth year at SAS but she has lived in Singapore her whole life. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading and watching "Gilmore Girls"--which may have fuelled her interest in being a journalist. She loves anything with chocolate in it and Indian food. She can be contacted at

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