SAS Students Try The Chopsticks Challenge

Chopsticks are predominately used in the Asian culture as a primary form of utensils. Instead of the typical Western utensils like forks and spoons, chopsticks are used for eating and cooking in China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and countless other countries. We challenged SAS students to test their chopsticks skills by trying to pick up various food items with chopsticks under 20 seconds. 


Filmed and Edited by Hyun Ju Lee and Mitali Singh

Special Thanks to:

Sophomore Izzy Trudel

Sophomore Hannah Joe

Junior Amerens Wilson

Junior Ann Lai

Senior Yoojin Lee

Author: Mitali Singh

Mitali Singh is currently a junior and this is her first time working for The Eye. She has lived all 16 years of her life in Singapore. She spends most of her time debating whether to watch YouTube videos or the next episode of American Horror Story on Netflix. She loves music, drawing very abstract art, as well as watching lots of past vines (rip vine). Also, she loves to write and tell stories, and listen about them too. And journalism seems to be a great outlet to write these stories. So, if you have any interesting stories or even vines you would like to share with her, she can be contacted at

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