A Berry Spicy Winter Trend

After many personal experiences of my friends getting dress coded by Mr. Ly and strict teachers, I have decided to look for ways to give the standard SAS uniform set a more personal and boujee vibe. Here are some styles that I really liked and managed to take pictures of. Enjoy!

This shift in brand occurs often, as the majority of the student bodies have not yet settled to one style. What doesn’t change, though, is the universal interest of self-expression. 

vibe #1

Anjali Swarstad’s overall style. Source: Jane Kong

Points of Interest:

  • Hoop Earrings
  • Scrunchy
  • Gucci Socks
  • Stan Smith

There are so many reasons why I love this fit. Her subtle yet different choice of hair color gives her hair a multi-dimensional effect, and also makes her entire appearance pop. The medium golden hoop earrings has always been a classic choice when you want to draw attention to your ear without putting too much weight on your ear. Scrunchies are also a very popular item among teenagers. Not only does a scrunchy come in different textures and colors, it is also gentle on the hair. Lastly, unique choices of socks are always a great way to add personality into an outfit. Her dirty Stan Smiths paired with some Gucci socks is just an every day mood for most busy-working students in SAS.  

vibe #2

Mi Le Jang’s daily accessory. Source: Jane Kong

Points of Interest:

  • Airpods
  • Jet black hair
  • Gucci earrings
  • Cartier bracelet
  • Adidas NMD

Contrary to the occasional dyed-hair, most of the girls are a fan of their natural hair. Straight, long, jet black hair is a common hairstyle for Asians. Airpods, an expensive “accessory”, are becoming many people’s ride or die. They are very compatible, lightweight, and the best thing is that many teachers don’t get mad when we use them. Another cute way to enhance your features is to wear minimalistic earrings, bracelets, and rings. Although her earrings and bracelet happens to be from luxury brands, there are so many other brands that provide cheaper options. Lastly, many people choose to wear lifestyle/sports shoes as it is very comfortable. 

vibe #3

Min Jung Kim’s cozy fit. Source: Jane Kong

Points of Interest:

  • Harry Potter Glasses
  • Oversized hoodie
  • Air-force 1

If I were to describe her outfit in one word, I would say comfy. A white, oversized hoodie is perfect for schooldays because it adds a cozy layer. A simple ear stud paired with the Harry-Potter glasses are simplistic yet special. To continue the all-white style, she wore some white sneakers. 

“Often I am too lazy to do my hair or pay attention to what I wear,” Min Jung said, “And I just don’t have enough time. I went to get my hair permed because I wanted some volume in it without having to style it every single day. And I wear glasses instead of contacts because they can dry out my eyes and make me very tired.”

Additional accessories

Anjali and Mi Le’s laptop decoration inspiration. Source: Jane Kong

Last but not least, since we all own personal computers, decorating them with unique stickers (Supreme doesn’t count) will also bring out our individual characteristics. Unique brands such as Ripndip and Undefeated are becoming more and more popular to students, replacing brands that were a big hit a view years back, such as Brandy Melville and Vineyard Vines.

This shift in brand occurs often, as the majority of the student body has not yet settled to one style. What doesn’t change, though, is the universal interest of self-expression. 

Stay tuned for part two if you want to know the common fashion trends in SAS for boys 🙂

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