10 Easy Steps to Stress-Relief

Less than a week before finals, it is hard to ignore the deadlines and assessments as they breathe down your neck. During this tense time, a list of sure-fire ways to kill (or at least suppress until the last moment) your pre-exams stress will definitely come in handy! Without further ado…

10 Things To Do If You Are Stressing

  1. Complain to everyone about your stress.
  2. Proceed to whine about your stress for the next few hours instead of starting your homework.
  3. Binge-eat an entire container of chocolates as an incentive for you to start your work.
  4. Make a to-do list of what you have to get done.
  5. Reward yourself for making the to-do list by watching the new season of Riverdale.
  6. Debate with your friends over which Riverdale OTP is cuter: Varchie or Bughead.
  7. Yell at your parents for not buying your favorite Din Tai Fung take-out (which they should’ve done because you’re under a lot of stress, as you keep reminding them).
  8. Lose all your friends and social contacts for updating your status to “STRESSED, DEPRESSED, AND CARBS-OBSESSED”.
  9. Rewrite your to-do list to account for all the hours you spent crying in the shower over the amount of work you still haven’t touched.
  10. Write an article about ways to cope with stress to cope with your stress.

Hope this list was helpful, and if not, at least you know you aren’t alone!

Share your favorite stress-relief tip in the comments below!

Author: Anyu Ching

Anyu Ching is currently a senior in high school, and this is her third year as a reporter for The Eye. This year, she joins the staff as the Editor-in-Chief. Anyu was born in Singapore, but grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and spends most of her time flying back and forth between the two. Some of her hobbies include rewatching How I Met Your Mother for the seventh time, listening to The Strokes and rating coffees. Although she prefers phone calls, she can always be contacted at ching41287@sas.edu.sg.

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