Behind the Scenes: HS Daily Bulletin

“ has invited you to view the following document:…”  Every day around 3:30 PM, SAS students receive an email from Ms. Maznee Ibrahim. Want to know the editing process of the HS Daily Bulletin? SAS Eye reporters Lily Pan and Hyunju Lee interviewed Ms. Maznee, along with SAS students and counselors, regarding the HS Daily Bulletin.

Special Thanks to:  Ms. Maznee, Ms. Ball, Cassandra Lundsgaard, Amerens Wilson,Alessia Simmen, Yutong Shen, and Carissa Chua

Author: Lily Pan

Jiaqi (Lily) Pan is currently a senior and this is her second year working for The Eye. She was born in China and has lived in Singapore for four years. She likes listening to music and eating, especially desserts. She's really excited for this experience in The Eye, and can be contacted at

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