6 Halloween Costumes That Are Never OK

With Halloween upon us, many people are rushing to the local stores to pick up their costumes. Whether it be for trick or treating, parties, or just eating chips on your couch by yourself, everyone should get in the spooky spirit and dress up as your person or thing of choice. There are hundreds of creative costumes to choose from, whether it be a generic witch or ghoul or a specific recognizable character: a Toy Green Soldier (from Toy Story), Optimus Prime, James Charles, or Tinker Bell.  But does this mean that EVERY personality is free game to be emulated?  Here are 6 Halloween costumes that no one should wear.

1. Bloody Zombie Princess Diana

Image result for bloody princess diana costume

Princess Diana was an icon and role model for millions of people all over the world and her tragic death (in a car crash) shocked the masses. For anyone to wear a costume that portrays Princess Diana as a zombie rather than a princess, mother, or leader-of-state is not only disrespectful—it’s downright offensive!

2. Native American 

tribal trouble indian costume

Native and indigenous populations are cultures, not costumes. If you don’t identify with this group, do NOT wear this on Halloween thinking it’s cute; come on, sis!










Related image

Minstrel shows ended a long time ago. Even in the 19th century, this was not ok, but we are willing to forgive their lack of judgement way back when.  We certainly don’t need a comeback, so stick to keeping your skin its actual color. The world thanks you.

4. “Arab Costume”

The term “Arab” dismisses the many different

arab costume

cultural differences of Middle Eastern groups. One culture representing another culture’s daily dress as a “costume” even borders on Islamophobia. You might think that this costume is funny, but tell that to the people you are discriminating agai






5. “Anna Rexia”

Making a costume out of an actual eating disorder? Not okay.

6. “Kids China Boy Costume”

kids china boy costume

Consult no. 2 above for our thoughts on this offensive costume.

Now that you are finished reading up on Halloween’s specific social laws and are officially woke, go out and trick or treat dressed as anything you want—just remember that a culture is never a costume. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

(All pictures sourced from The Huffington Post)




Author: Will Staley

Will Staley is currently a senior and this is his second year working for the Eye. This is also his second year living in Singapore, having moved from St. Louis, Missouri USA. Will enjoys photography and has a photography website (willstaleyphotography.com). He hopes to pursue photography and journalism for his college and career, while being involved in his passion of politics and humanitarian work. He can be contacted at staley774011@sas.edu.sg.

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