IASAS Soccer 2018: Superlatives

During IASAS Soccer, hosted at SAS, Eye Reporter Hanna Pham, Rhea Malhotra, and Marie Anne Patrick sat down with the ISM soccer team to ask them questions about their team members. From the boys team, they interviewed Chris Hagedorn (11), Leo Worku (10), Sam Hobbins (12), Philip Stebelsky (10), and Matthew Stebelsky (10) and from the girls, Jasmine Relf (10), Vivienne Phemister (12), Alexis St. Laurent (11), and Janna Hillard (10). Get to know the ISM players in the following videos!




Amidst dribbling and scoring goals, Sydney, Nora W, Orisa, Kristine, Nora A, Kate and Xuan Fan– the girls of the International School of Bangkok’s IASAS soccer team– were interviewed to see who was most likely to do something. These superlatives were a fun way for the players to relax and for fans to learn more about them.

Meet Ludo, Thomas, French, Nao and Evan: the boys of the International School of Bangkok (ISB) soccer team for this year’s IASAS! After a day of passing and scoring goals, the boys were interviewed to see who they thought was most likely to do certain things.

Author: Hanna Pham

Hanna Pham is currently a senior and this is her first year working for The Eye. This is her third year living Singapore, having lived previously in the US, Indonesia, and Japan. In her free time, she can be found binge-watching Narcos, making guacamole, or labelling her stuff. She can be contacted at pham49117@sas.edu.sg.

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