IASAS Soccer: Traveling Mukbang

You may have heard of a mukbang (a broadcast in which large amounts of food are consumed while the star talks to the camera), but what about a “traveling mukbang”? Just for the IASAS Soccer season, SAS Eye reporters Jonna, Han, and Aditi let everyone from soccer players and fans to teachers and parents do their own mini-mukbang. In the three-part series below, watch your IASAS questions get answered with a frozen dessert in hand!

Special thanks to:

Cassandra Lundsgaard

Jules Savelli

Luke Shaw

Mr. Londgren

Maria Ellsworth

Daniel Kwon

Jeniffer Park

Joon Choi

Sunny Hamm

Mrs. Decker

Nadine Zahiruddin

Kristy Widodo

Kyla Widodo

Bea Warrilow

Vivian Pranatajaya

Mrs. Dill

Mary Kuckelman

Allenka Jeharajah

Alicia Balkissoon

Nicole Jensen

Eve McGrath

Stella Holland

Lula Sandige

Mr. Pabotoy

Filmed & Edited By:

Jonna Chen

Han Sohn

Aditi Balasubramanian

Author: Jonna Chen

Jonna Chen is the Editor-in-Chief of The Eye this year. This is her fourth year in Singapore (and SAS) and her second year working with The Eye. Currently a senior, she can be found stressing over a formative quiz or poking her friends on a normal school day. Once at home, she multitasks by doing homework, organizing her life in color-coded lists, and watching Worth It on YouTube. Her phone constantly being on silent causes her to miss all her friends' calls, but she can always be contacted at chen47991@sas.edu.sg.

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