The Karaoke Craze is Happening

The karaoke craze originated in Japan during the 1970s and is a compound word made up of two words, kara, which means “empty” and oke which signifies “orchestra” or “musicians.” Essentially, the idea is to sing along a soundtrack instead of being accompanied by musicians. Since the beginning of its history, karaoke is continuously spreading across Asia and becoming a massive global market, estimated to be worth nearly $10 billion. It has become an essential part of daily life for the Japanese and is now deeply enshrined into the nation’s social life.

Visual of a common karaoke room. Image taken from showcasing.

Among SAS students, karaoke has recently started booming in popularity. Especially because of how convenient it is to go after school for a karaoke session, students are roaming over these karaoke rooms. Manekineko and Voicebooth, both kid-friendly and located near Somerset Road, are two very popular companies when it comes to karaoke.

Two friends destressing over karaoke. Image taken from Ace Entertainment.

To sing to your heart’s content and to be able to hear your voice loud on a speaker is truly remarkable. Karaoke services let individuals become stars in a matter of minutes and have very affordable options as well, ranging from 10-20 Singapore dollars per hour or two. A simple way to stress-relieve is to sing your heart out.

If you are someone who is working long hours and get very little time off, renting a private room together with friends and spending a few hours belting out some of your favorite songs may be just right for you. Professor Takeshi Tanigawa, at Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan, recommends karaoke bars as one way for business persons to cope with stress. “Singers use deep breathing, which is good for the nervous system,” he said.


The karaoke craze. It’s real and quickly gaining popularity among students. If you have some spare time, consider karaoke as your option to both stress-relieve and sing to your heart’s content.

Author: Angela Hwang

Angela Hwang is a senior at Singapore American School and this is her third year working for The Eye as a Chief Marketing Strategist. She is thrilled to return back to journalism and wants to produce more exciting content for the upcoming year. Angela embraces her Korean background, but considers Singapore her home. Her hobbies include taking aesthetic photographs, collecting CDs from her favorite artists, and travelling to some of the most majestic places on earth. She can be contacted at

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