Best Mac and Cheese in Singapore

So I’m off to college.  I do sincerely hope I have left a few tidbits of what could be considered a “legacy” on our campus—I’ve certainly spent enough time there—just as SAS has no doubt left a permanent mark on me.  Still, if I may leave you, dear students, with one final dose of rich insight, let it be in a realm of expertise that I dare say NO ONE ELSE ON CAMPUS is as qualified to provide counsel.

I, Hannah Terrile, am a Mac and Cheese connoisseur.  Throughout my past 18 years living in Singapore, I confidently declare that I have found the best spots on the island to get mac and cheese. Next time you’re craving this delicious dish, check out one of these places!

The White Rabbit

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Although on the pricier side, the mac and cheese at this adorable restaurant is phenomenal. It’s rich, creamy, and mouthwatering, and there’s even a truffle option if you’re feeling fancy. The White Rabbit is one of my favorite mac and cheese locations and I highly recommend it.

Park HV


Park HV is located in Holland Village, and the retro feeling restaurant has delicious mac and cheese. Like The White Rabbit, this spot also offers a truffle option which is very yummy. The convenient and pleasant location of this restaurant is another reason to go try the mac and cheese!

Hard Rock Cafe 


The Hard Rock is obviously a chain, but there’s something about their mac and cheese here that is so amazing and it had to make my top list. The pasta is a fun shape that isn’t normally what you get with mac and cheese, and it even comes with tasty garlic bread on the side.

The American Club


The American Club’s mac and cheese is simply iconic. You do have to either be a member or know someone who is a member to eat at the club, but trust me, the mac and cheese is worth it. It’s one of the very best in Singapore, and there’s nothing quite like it.


Author: Hannah Terrile

Hannah Terrile is a senior and first year reporter for the eye. Born and raised in Singapore, she has attended SAS since preschool, but is originally from Boston. In her free time, Hannah can be found browsing online boutiques, at pilates class, and eating acai. She can be contacted at

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