You’re Hired! Top Ten Summer Jobs for the High Schooler

And suddenly… school is OVER!  Now what?

With summer upon us, many students are dying to hit the beach, get their tan on, and have two whole months of total relaxation. While the luxury of getting to relax and ignore school responsibilities sounds undeniably amazing, some consider this frill a little too monotonous and would much prefer to switch on their brains and get active. Others, doing some basic financial considerations, need some cash to support all of those vacation social activities that will soon be enticing options.

If you feel that you are one of those individuals and are in dire need to get out of the house and get working, here are ten summer jobs that might not become viable career inspiration, but certainly do offer a solid way to keep busy and entrepreneurial during the vacation period.

1. Babysitting


2. Camp Counselor


3. Dog Walker / Pet Sitter


4. Tutor
giphy (1)

5. Waiter / Waitress


6. Movie theatre employee


7. Flyer distributor

giphy-downsized-medium (1)

8. Assistant Coach


9. Lifeguard


10. Starbucks Barista

giphy (2)

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