Bon Voyage, Seniors

One more graduating class walks across the stage of the Star Theater.  One more High School campus is left with a sense of emptiness. As juniors, we have always looked up to you, Senior Class of 2018. The bar has been set for next year and it’s questionable if we could ever rise to the occasion to beat it. As we bid farewell, here’s a video where a few of us, spouting your glories and holding back tears, express our best wishes as you walk out into the world. We hope you have had the best time at SAS and continue to form incredible memories before you throw your caps in the air tonight.









Author: Marie

Marie Anne Patrick has, always, an adventurous spirit for tasting new food and ordering way too much bubble tea--which, if you ask her, is the one and only ice crushed milo drink. She also has a constant craving for sushi, and she would eat it every day if she could. She has a newfound love for froyo, but thinks that Yolé is a scam. She enjoys watching movies, playing basketball and salsa dancing at Senor Taco. Although, the best takeout to her will always be sushi, she also enjoys a good kebab once in a while. She’s a nice and approachable person so please don't hesitate to contact her, as she's just a 17 year old getting through her last year of high school. She can be contacted at

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