The Art of Thrifting (Part 2 of 2)

The second half of our two-part series (part one is here) exploring unique student perspectives in relation to the thrifting culture in Singapore. With just a camera and no script, three SAS students (Cassandra Lundsgaard, Anjali Swarstad, and Jaren Agelos—yes, thrifting couture is not just for the ladies) explore one of Singapore’s most famous and most visited thrift shops: the Singapore Red Cross House at 15 Penang Lane.


Author: Anyu Ching

Anyu Ching is currently a senior in high school, and this is her third year as a reporter for The Eye. This year, she joins the staff as the Editor-in-Chief. Anyu was born in Singapore, but grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and spends most of her time flying back and forth between the two. Some of her hobbies include rewatching How I Met Your Mother for the seventh time, listening to The Strokes and rating coffees. Although she prefers phone calls, she can always be contacted at

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