Funny Stories: Second Semester Juniors

Often referred to as one of the most tiring semesters of high school, the second semester of junior year for the class of 2019 is officially over. Following these eventful months, they have learned from their experiences. After talking to a few students, SAS Eye Reporter Jonna Chen brings readers just a few things that happened this season.

What was your most memorable story from the second semester of junior year?

“It was the AP Lang exam, and I had received a synthesis prompt that I was very passionate about. To keep the story short and so that I don’t spill the beans and have College Board assassinate me in the future, I’ll just say that I wrote something out of line in the essay. It wasn’t too awful, but in my sleep-deprived haze, I wrote something that before, I would have never written on a formal essay. I just mean my tone was way sassy and didn’t even fit my argument. Yay for exams!” – Maria V.

“I was looking at a picture of my physics notes and Bob Helmer still kicked me out of the library.” -Anonymous

“Getting dreams crushed by college counselors and Family Connections” – Anonymous

“A guy from my advisory brought in his live bird our last advisory session. Never bonded this well with my advisory before this happened” -Megan C.

“I took a nap after my AP Psychology Exam and then I was 10 minutes late to my AP Seminar Exam. Everyone was staring when I walked in.” -Jensen T.

“After I thought I failed my AP Chemistry test and just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse, I saw a dead pigeon on the sidewalk on the way home from the after school bus stop” -Daniel K.

Author: Jonna Chen

Jonna Chen is the Editor-in-Chief of The Eye this year. This is her fourth year in Singapore (and SAS) and her second year working with The Eye. Currently a senior, she can be found stressing over a formative quiz or poking her friends on a normal school day. Once at home, she multitasks by doing homework, organizing her life in color-coded lists, and watching Worth It on YouTube. Her phone constantly being on silent causes her to miss all her friends' calls, but she can always be contacted at

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