Exclusive Q&A With Avengers Creatives

Avengers Cropped Image
An eager group of SAS student filmmakers and reporters from The Eye await the opening of the special session with the production and special effects team of Avengers: Infinity War.

Whether you’re the average moviegoer or a die-hard DC fan, you’ve got to admit that the Marvel Cinematic Universe game is strong. Five of their movies have already joined the billion-dollar club at the box office, one of which (Captain America: Civil War) was directed by the one and only Joe Russo. And let’s be honest here… Avengers: Infinity War has already crushed all of those previous milestones by a long shot,  breaking Fandango’s advanced tickets sales record in just six hours and becoming the largest grossing film of all time in its opening weekend.

For the promotion of Avengers: Infinity War and to provide a unique experience for student filmmakers, Marvel arranged a Q&A at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center that featured key players in the film’s production team. Lucky for us, we were invited to join them.

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The event started at 3:15 and ended at 4:00. It was an invigorating and intimate Q&A where students studying film in Singapore could be invited and ask whatever question they would like. To my disappointment, my submitted question was not asked, and most of the questions couldn’t receive their due attention under our limited timeframe. Despite that, the event was still an amazing experience of being inches away from the producer, special effects team, and the man who created my favorite movies.

Upon entering the room, the presentation was noticeably incredible. Chairs lined up perfectly with a huge screen on stage displaying the trailer for the upcoming movie. There was even a lit up Avengers symbol as a decoration which immediately generated a buzz in the room. We were even served cookies and apple juice, which—by the way—were amazing under the purple glow of dramatic lighting and in the anticipation of something truly great.

Avengers 1
After director Joe Russo identifies himself as a “Film School Drop-Out,” graduates Ishan Modi and Robin Yoon reevaluate their plans for the fall.

The conversation itself was very entertaining and insightful; I was never bored and it was a fanboy’s thrill to witness Joe Russo and his production team live and answering our questions.  SAS students Jensen Tan and Regina Bernardo had their questions directly addressed by the full ensemble (see The Eye’s exclusive video below.) There were funny moments that generated good laughter in the room of only 100 exclusive guests, as well as some highly educational insight into the craft and business of filmmaking.

To sum up the experience, I must say that I am incredibly grateful to have been able to attend such a major event and I am very happy with the experience.   But, if you’re reading, Mr. Russo… I still want my question answered!  I really want to know:

“Does feedback and speculation generated on fan sites and discussion boards have any effect on the final outcome of the films you produce?”

Author: Peerawit Thaipat

Peerawit Thaipat is a first-year sophomore reporter at The Eye. He has been in Singapore for eight years and this is his third year at Singapore American School. In his free time, Peerawit enjoys binge-watching Netflix with potato chips, hanging out with acquaintances, collecting hair products and picking up heavy iron objects in a room for a number of times. No, he does not do his eyebrows, no he does not use eyeliner and no he does not do his eyelashes. However, he spends about thirty minutes on his hair in the morning. You can contact him at thaipat41478@sas.edu.sg

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