Countdown To Commencement: Pt. 3

The countdown is coming to an end. In celebration of our student elders in their final journey of High School, Renée Goh, Kristen Chan, and Diya Navlakha present a series of interviews following seniors toward their much-anticipated graduation day.

Countdown to Commencement Pt. 3 analyzes the future of our soon-to-graduate seniors; what are we hopeful for, excited, and/or worried about?  Here’s the final scoop in our three-part series:

Author: Renee Goh

Renee Goh is a Senior at SAS and a first year reporter of the Eye. She enjoys scrolling through memes and on occasion she likes to run, jump, and hurdle for the SAS Track and Field team. She eats açai bowls by the kilo, spends most of her time with her family, and wishes she was Wonder Woman. She can be reached at

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